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  1. Thanks all trying jpeg vs raw to see if corrected. Appreciate all your help
  2. Have the a7riii and shooting with my 400 lens. And learning as always. My resolution size is the question. Trying to have some action sport pic’s enlarged and the resolution gets turned down for its size, to small. Am I missing something regarding a menu setting to correct. Thanks as always Doug
  3. First off the a7riii is fairly new to me along with my love of photography. My problem is night shooting in manual mode. Something a bit more challenging. I am able to shoot in manual mode but long exposures are throwing me. So if I set the shutter spead say to 1/15 the shutter should be open for 1/15. Correct? Well that seems to be the problem. Just not getting that delay with the shutter. I feel possibly I have a wrong setting regarding the menu. Any help would be great Doug
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