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  1. Hi there everyone. I have a Sony a7II + Sigma MC-11 + Tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2 and a couple of questions to somebody that may be using the same setup or has the possibility to try it. I am aware that the lens is not supported by the MC-11 and therefore problems are not unusual. Nevertheless I have been quite happy with it until I recently discovered something new: When shooting a Time-lapse for example or a large "series" of continuous shots the images get darker and darker to the end. Neither the camera nor LR shows any change in shutter speed or aperture or any other setting, nevertheless the images get drastically darker to the end. So, here are my questions: Is anyone facing the same issues? Is this just connected to the fact that the lens is not supported by the MC-11 or is it possibly a problem with my adapter? Would be highly interested in opinions and experiences regarding the MC-11 and non-supported lenses as well! That's it, I'm looking forward to a discussion. Cheers, Dominik
  2. Hi Drasko2015, I have a Sony a7II with the sigma mc-11 and a Tamron 24-70 f2.8 G2. In the beginning I was quite impressed by the performance of the MC-11, especially since the Tamron is not a supported lens! But recently I have discovered that when shooting Timelapses or many shots continuously the images get darker and darker. There is no change in settings visible (Shutter speed and aperture stays the same) nevertheless the images get darker. Did you have any issues like that with your lenses? Many thanks!
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