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  1. Hi there VTC, you're right. No 4k Slow motion. And S&Q has lower dynamic range. I think its somewhere around 8mb or something, cant remember, vs 100mb at 1080p if you were to adjust the settings manually. I wonder why SQ has lower quality than setting it manually. Anyone know?
  2. Hi guys, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I turned all my video quality to 4k but everytime I shoot in S&Q, my video quality drops down to 1920x1080. I can't seem to figure out what's doing this? SQ Settings: Record Setting : 24p Frame Rate: 120: FPS File Format XAVC S 4k Record Setting: 24p 100m. That's what I have now, but it keeps going down to 1080.... Any clues?
  3. Yeah you do! My old battery charger rig, I used 4 sony chargers put on a power block, which cost alot. at 400 dollars, this actually saves alot more money and is more practical lol
  4. Hi thank you for the response guys. I ended up buying this. https://www.amazon.com/Sony-NPAMQZ1K-Multi-Battery-Adaptor/dp/B06ZZ3KH4W/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=sony+multi+charger&qid=1556744157&s=gateway&sr=8-3 It comes with 2 batteries, so now I only need to buy 1 more battery. It charges 4 batteries, and can be used as a large battery pack . You can also mount it on a gimbal . Its fantastic so far!
  5. Hi guys, What is the best available battery charger on the market for a7iii? I'm looking for something that charges fast and shows me indicators of full/empty batteries. 2 slots prefered if possible. I see mostly 3rd party stuff and I'm not sure if the'yre good or not. Thank you.
  6. I'll take your advice lol. Thank you
  7. I'm using photography as a marketing tool more than a photography brand. That's the thing I think you're confusing about with branding. A photography brand is not really a brand but more of a company name. Right now we are building a fitness brand apparel within an NPC Fitness niche, working with Influencers to market our products. We are not an official brand yet, but there's a start to everything and if you already believe it won't be a brand then you are doomed from the start. At the same time I am sponsored to do work in the industry for promotions, but this is a short term plan as I'm using it to build our own products also. So I essentially I'm not marketing my photography, but using it for branding products we have in production. We've been commissioned to do stuff I can't really talk about so I have a pretty long view of what I'm trying to do. Photography as a tool is not my end game, but I can enjoy it still and get noticed while we branch. It doesn't have to be an entitiy of its own. I have multiple funnels of income coming in, setting aside funds for business growth and investments for the future. It's hard work and dedication. There are failures but not everyone fails. Branding has never been something new, but there are failures and there are success stories as long as you're willing to commit and have a plan. You can't live your entire life listening to all the negative things. If you do, you already failed. It is all about doing and taking risks, but at the same time you need steady revenue coming in from multiple sources to to help fund your projects. I myself believe it it is better to try and fail than not try at all and fail thinking you never tried. And what your'e saying to me is the traditional way of thinking things. It's hard to live through those methods as it isn't as appreciated now as it was back then. I'm well aware of the financial risks and possible short term gigs and I do have many back up plans. Don't kill my vibe man lol.
  8. I like the black and white one too. I agree with Liveshots, it has a dream like feel to it.
  9. Being in the fitness field, we figured all our clients and brand ambassadors are all like Super Heroes, so we branched out to design our own costumes as a bit of something extra! The last few months we've been getting requests for some of the coolest characters so I've been doing sculpts for 3D prints to conceptualize ideas. This Supergirl costume is one of the least complexed one's we did as there wasn't much elements or complicating designs to deal with. Instagram
  10. Very true. You have to do something different to get noticed and find a niche. Just having a good reason for people to come to you and support is very big in this industry. You just can't do it the traditional way anymore. New ideas, new strategies differ every year and you just learn to adapt. The biggest thing I see is everyone follows the popular trend and some don't grow with the technology. Photography itself as a career in my opinion will never disappear but it will definitely get harder and you have to get smarter and create a relationship with your audience. There's no definitive way to do this, so I'm just sharing my experience with this community that's helped me in the past.
  11. I would agree with you to an extent that living as a Full Time Photographer isn't very viable over time. At least not traditionally. You have to see it as a brand and that the having someone hire you to do their photos as the extra income. Photography itself counts you as a content creator and as long as you can keep producing work, it can produce you an income which is what I've been able to freely through sponsorships. Right now I've been trying to build a brand and use it to promote a fitness clothing apparel that we're building, using the income I created to branch off. It is definately much harder to get noticed and get work constantly, but photography nowadays is 80 percent marketing and knowing when to do freework to promote either your brand or others. If you can do that well, then you have created a passive income without having to worry about pensions. There's no one way to live. Most people probably didn't know they could get paid for traveling either.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm a long time user here, but I lost my account. Formerly AndyWear, but I'm sure most of you guys probably don't know who I am anyways. I started my first Sony Camera with Sony A7 and am still using it til this day. I obviously do heavy post process because I enjoy it more artistically. I plan on getting an A7iii eventually but at the moment I've been busy upgrading lighting and more important stuff as I try to scale my business. I remember being told on here by a few people that photography as a living is no longer viable and I am glad I didn't listen to those whispers. A few years later now, I can say that I've been really successful in my area as an artistic fitness photographer. As time went by, I've learned new marketing strategies and new ways to work smarter and not harder using marketing techniques I've picked up from the guys at Slanted Lens. I charged more, and take less jobs, but to be honest it is not for everyone, and I don't think it is for me either in the long run. I've learned that branding is such an important thing to establish! I just wanted to say this to give some people confidence that it is still very doable and very lucrative if you take the right steps. Photo by Me Athlete: Beatrice
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