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  1. For wildlife, I sometimes use the 100-400 mm lens and sometimes with 1.4x or 2x. But, if I don't want to carry that much weight while hiking, I will use the 70-300. If it helps attached is a photo taken with the 70-300. No post processing. Only file size reduction for the internet. John
  2. There are signs posted to not feed them. They run away to their nest when they see someone else coming by. Here's the nest. John
  3. I never feed them. There is plenty of food in the pond. John
  4. I made the decision to go with the 100-400 mm lens with 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters. The photos are razor sharp and the lens is much lighter in weight.The photo below was taken at 40 feet handheld at 400 mm with 2x teleconverter. No post processing. Only file size reduction for the internet. John
  5. I shoot with the 100-400 GM and 2X teleconverter on the A7RIII. The images are very sharp. I didn't opt for the 200-600 mm because of the weight. John
  6. Personally, I have a small fortune of E-Mount lenses, which I don't think will work with the A99. Correct me if I'm wrong about the lenses. John
  7. I just pre-ordered it from Hunt's Photo John
  8. The latest news is that Sony will start shipping the A7RIV on September 12, 2019 I can't wait. This camera will rival my old Hasselblad. The A7RIII is a great camera. The IV is even better. Sony just keeps getting better and better. John
  9. I was really really happy with my A7RIII. But, now I have the A7RIV fever. I guess I will sell the A7RIII, which only has a shutter count of 196 as of 7/22/19 and is in perfect condition. I have the original box and everything it came with new. Let me know if anyone is interested in it. John
  10. When you look at lenses on the Sony website, you need to filter for e-mount and full frame lenses. Sony lenses I use often are: 24-105 mm and the 100-400 mm with 1.4x or 2.0 teleconverters. I also have the 16-35 mm, 70-300 mm, and 90m mm macro, which I use less often. John
  11. bwana, I have an A7RIII about 4 months old. Shutter count is about 200. I would sell it to get the A7RIV. John
  12. I use the Tenba Solstice Sling 10L with all of the dividers removed. I can fit the Sony A7RIII, the Sony 100-400 mm with the hood open and 2x in it completely assembled and ready to shoot. John
  13. To follow up, I received the Sony 100-400 lens yesterday and took some test shots handheld with the 2x teleconverter just before it rained. It is definitely an incredible lens. It's hard to believe an 800 mm handheld shot can come out so clear. The photo below was not processed in any way except to reduce the file size for the internet. John
  14. One problem with waiting to rent a lens is that it will be winter. The winters get severe in the Northeast. I leaning towards the 100-400 with the 2x and probably with the 1.4x also. I would use the 2x for lunar imaging (from my backyard) and the 1.4x for wildlife if needed. I usually get away with 400 mm. John
  15. I was really excited to hear about the new Sony 200-600 mm lens. But, now I'm not sure that is the best way to go for my needs. I would like some opinions. I like to image the moon. 600 mm x 1.4x = 840 mm. 400 mm x 2.0x = 800 mm. Around 800-1,000 mm works well for imaging the moon. There will be a lot of light lost with 2.0x. However, the moon is very bright and it shouldn't matter. Also, imaging the moon is done on a tripod with manual focus. In the past, I used the Sigma 150-600 mm lens with 1.4x TC and got excellent results. I also like to do nature and wildlife photography. However with advanced age and Lyme disease, I can't carry much in the woods and need a telephoto and a wide angle lens (either 16-35 mm or 24-105 mm). I definitely cannot carry the 200-600 mm lens and a wide angle lens. The 100-400 mm and wide angle lens is pretty much the limit of what I can carry and 400 mm has worked well for nature wildlife photography so far. Currently, I'm carrying the Sony 24-105 mm and Sigma 100-400mm with MC-11. John
  16. My mouth is watering for the new FE 200–600 mm F5.6–6.3 G OSS lens. It is compatible with the Sony teleconverters and sells for $1999. I heard it will be available 8/2/19. More info from Sony: https://www.sony.com/electronics/camera-lenses/sel200600g John
  17. I got this lens yesterday after seeing several people post about it and took a few test shots. It's a great general purpose lens. John
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