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  1. Sony A7C with Sony 70-300 mm G lens. File size reduced for internet. John
  2. I did this photo with the 70-350 G lens. I don't think the 18-200 will be as good. John
  3. It looks like I will need to decide between Seagulls or beach. I think Seagulls wins. John
  4. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of shooting at the beach. I don’t dare take the A7RIV. I also don’t dare change lenses at the beach. I’ve been using the Sony 70-350 mm for shooting seagulls. But, 70 mm is too long for other beach photos and as I said, I don’t dare change lenses at the beach. I have the Sony 18-135 mm, but 135 is too short. So, I’m thinking the Sony 18-200 mm LE lens. I’ve seen mixed reviews on that lens. Any Opinions? John
  5. Sony A6600, 70-350 mm at 350 mm, f/8, 1/4000sec, ISO 800 (auto). 10/10/2020 John
  6. I'm shooting at 1/4000th of a sec, f/8, auto iso I'm using an A7RIV with 100-400 or A6600 with 70-350 mm. John
  7. Sony A6600 with Sony 70-350 mm lens. John
  8. Sony A6600, 70-350 mm lens. John
  9. Crab Meadow Beach today 10/10/20 with Sony A6600, 70-350 mm lens. John
  10. I've been using the cameras with the front curtain on because that is the default. I haven't had any problems. But, I'm always exploring options. John
  11. Should the front curtain shutter be turned on or off for fast moving wildlife such as birds, and other moving targets? Should it be turned on or off for landscape photos? I have an A7RIV and an A6600 John
  12. I lowered the prices and ordered the A6600 today. John
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