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  1. I shoot with an A9 and an A6500. I'm looking at Topaz DeNoise A1 but I hear that it doesn't recognize RAW files. True or False? Whats everybody using for noise reduction software other than what Lightroom does? Plug in or stand alone? TIA
  2. Recomendations for a filter system on the Sony A9.
  3. I am aware that the A9 is a Full Frame camera but I mistakenly posted my question in the wrong section. I will repost in the correct section.
  4. Recomendations for a filter system on the Sony A9. Thxs
  5. When I take my A6500 and put the dial at Manual and i then turn the selection wheel counterclockwise. It goes to 30 sec and the next setting to the left is supposed to Bulb but the camera won't go past 30. What am I doing wrong? Thxs
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