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  1. I've never liked filters. I've had nothing but problems with lens flares, etc. I find a lens hood is just as good at protecting the front element and doesn't mess with image quality.
  2. Yes, a great camera. It is my grab 'n go camera and with its 24-600mm zoom it covers almost any shooting scenario.
  3. I've had an A7R, A7R II and now an A7R III as well as an A7 III. I like the A7R III for its high resolution and the A7 III for its middle of line 24MP. I seriously looked at the A7R IV but decided its file size was a bit too much. If I had the $$$'s I'd buy an A1!!
  4. The A7 IV sounds like an update to the A7R III as opposed to an enhanced A7 III
  5. I have one of their Macro lenses; love it!
  6. Many great manual lenses in the wild; both new and old. I'm not a fan of manual focus lenses but I still have a couple that are very good!
  7. The Minolta AF lenses are still some of the best available, as are Sony A mount lenses, AND Sony's adapter is excellent.
  8. 1. The addition of a Sigma MC-11 adapter will allow you to use your Canon lenses, assuming they're full frame lenses; otherwise, you'll be shooting in crop mode. I have several other adapters but find the MC-11 to be the best / most reliable. 2. My first batch of lenses were Minolta AF lenses (I now have 7) with Sony's LAEA-4 adapter. Lenses are good quality and dirt cheap. Since my 1st Sony full frame in 2013 I've also bought a couple of Sony lenses but darned expensive! 3. The Sony A7 III at any price is a GREAT deal and a very good camera. I also have an A7S, A6000, A6100 and RX10 IV. I've had an A7R, A7 II and A7R II, of these I'd recommend the A7R II and I'd love to acquire an A7R III at some point in the future. Good luck
  9. I just purchased CaptureOne 1 for Sony a few months ago. Now they want $150 Cdn for an upgrade!? Considering the problems I've had with Version 1 I'll stick with Lightroom/Photoshop; less expensive in the long run. bwa
  10. I currently own an A7S and A7 III. If you can scrape up the funds go with the A7 III; fabulous camera. I've also owned an A7R, A7R II and A7 II. Both the A7R and A7R II were great cameras. I did NOT like the A7 II at all; terrible low light performance, right down there with the A7! bwa
  11. I'm still drooling over the A7R III and A7 III. Now this!! So little time, so much new tech!
  12. I've had very good luck using Life Pixel for full spectrum modifications. They are one of the few companies using a clean room for their mods, i.e.: greatly reduced chance of dust in the final assembly! I've had full spectrum conversions of an Sony A7S, A7R, a Canon 60D and 7D II done by Life Pixel with no problems. However, when I contacted them regarding the conversion of an A7R II I was informed they were nervous about doing the conversion because of IR light sources in the body that could impact my images. Your might wish to contact them regarding this. They may have found a workaround. Good luck
  13. I've owned the A7R (sold) and now own the A7S, A7 II and A7R II. Whether you get the A7S II, A7 II or A7R II totally depends upon what you plan to use it for!? A7S for low light, A7 for general photography, A7R II for higher resolution (and darn good for low light as well). All of the A7 line of cameras are great full frame cameras! However, I find I am using the superb RX10 III for most of my photography at present... bwa
  14. I would pretty much agree with these comments. I come from Canon and now have the Sony A7S, A7 II and A7R II... Love them all for their particular strengths!
  15. Quite often adapters must be initialized with camera and lens. 1) Turn on camera 2) Mount adapter 3) Turn camera off then back on 4) Mount lens Same process is recommended for Metabones adapters to initialize the adapter. I have a Commlite, Metabones III & IV, Fotodiox, King and a few dumb adapters. Most adapters works quite well with Canon lenses and very well with the 24-105. Metabones adapters, although expensive, are the most reliable.
  16. SusannahB Have you read the manual for the camera?
  17. Capture One may be bundled with the Sony A7 line but I still find Lightroom does a better job with RAW conversion. I find Capture One overprocesses Sony RAW files, i.e.: you lose detail in the end result as a result of its automatic noise reduction algorithm(s). Yes, Capture One does remove noise from Sony RAW files but it takes some valid content with it. Lightroom doesn't remove (as much) noise and leaves a much better starting point for postprocessing. bwa
  18. Pretty much as expected. Glad to see they retained the 12 MPixel sensor. Most of the enhanced features seem to address primarily videography. I'm quite happy with the original A7S!
  19. I have to give credit for the installation instructions to Jordan at The Camera Store in Calgary. I thought the Metabones IV was a dud when I couldn't get it working; drove 1-1/2 hours into Calgary to exchange it... Guess what, the unit worked. It was me that was faulty (although I didn't see any instructions with the unit?). The Metabones III, which I also have, doesn't work the same way. Good luck with the run. I rode the route on a bike a few (actually a lot of) years ago... bwa
  20. You can see the adapter Version on the Toolbox menu of the camera. If the adapter and lens are installed and working properly, the Version screen will show the camera firmware version and the adapter version. If the adapter is not at 0.41 the camera USB cable works just fine with the adapter. Are you installing the adapter and lens properly: - with camera off, install the Metabones adapter - turn the camera on - install the lens - check the version screen. If the lens version is showing up, you're good to go! If you don't follow the above procedure the 1st time you install the adapter and lens, the adapter may not register the lens and you've won't have an automatic lens. There are quite a few A7R II features that simply do not work with 3rd party lenses. The msg. you're getting is simply showing you the feature is not available. bwa
  21. One other thing I forgot to mention. It is recommended you attached the Metabones adapter with the camera off, then turn on the camera and attach the lenses (with the camera on). Apparently this insures the Metabones properly "registers" the lens. I've had occasions when I attach both the Metabones adapter and lens with the camera off and when I turn on the camera the adapter thinks there is no lens attached, i.e.: it doesn't work! bwa
  22. I have the Metabones III & IV; both are essentially the same operationally; however, the IV has slightly better flocking and its firmware is user upgradable. I use both adapters with all my Canon lenses, a Sigma 150-500mm and a couple of Tamron lenses. Both work very well with Canon and Sigma lenses; not so well with my older Tamron lenses. I find autofocus with Canon lenses on the A7R II to be about the same speed as using the lenses on my Canon body but not quite as fast as native Sony lenses (I own the FE 28-70, FE 24-240 and FE 70-200). My Canon 24-105 L, 70-200 f/2.8 L, 200 f/2.8 L and Sigma 150-500 work very well and will be the 3rd party lenses I use the most often with the A7R II. The FE 28-70 normally stays on my A7SI and the FE 24-240 is normally on the A7R II. The FE 70-200, although expensive, is not my favorite lens; soft on the edges and in the corners. It gets left on my A7 II, essentially as a safe place to keep it. The FE 24-240, half the price, yields better image quality! The Canon 70-200 f/2.8 also yields better image quality than Sony's FE 70-200 but has a touch slower autofocus. The A7R II's I also use several 3rd party lenses with manual adapters; Canon FD, Pentax, Minolta, Sigma, Tamron, M42 & T2. Focus Magnify and Focus Peaking greatly assist with manual focusing BUT whenever possible I much prefer autofocus! I do have Commlite, Fotodiox and King automatic EF->E-mount adapters. They all work with newer Canon lenses but are semi-unreliable with older Canon lenses, and Sigma and Tamron lenses; lost connection, hangs, jitters, changed camera settings, not there when you need it, etc. A few notes on settings. These are ones I like but they may not be the best for you and/or other users but you should know they exist: - Focus mode: AF-S for slow moving or stationary targets. AF-C for faster moving targets. - Focus Area: Center - Focus Magnif. Time: No Limit - Peaking Level/Color: Mid/Yellow - Disp. Cont AF Area & Phase Detect Area: Both On - Pre-AF: On - Priority Set in AF-S & Priority Set in AF-C: Both to AF (Balance Emphasis is the default) Also, remember to configure IBIS (in-body image stabilization) for the 3rd party lens mounted. Just my observations... bwa P.S.: I just returned from shooting all day in the mountains with a Canon 24-105 L, Metabones IV and Sony A7R II. Performed flawlessly!!
  23. You might be interested in: http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2015/08/28/sony-a7r-ii-autofocus-with-sigma-lenses/ I own the A7S, A7R, A7 II and recently acquired the A7R II. I've shot birds-in-flight with the FE 24-240 and FE 70-200 on the Sony A7 II with some success; however, the A7R II is a huge improvement. I can now use my Sigma 150-500 and Tamron 28-300 (both EOS mount) with a Metabones III/IV adapter on the A7R II with about the same autofocus speed as on my Canon 60D body, with improved image quality (due to resolution, dynamic range and image stabilization). The Sigma 150-500 also works quite nicely under low light conditions. The Tamron, not so much! The following was shot with the FE 24-240 on an A7 II. I could push the ISO a bit higher on the A7R II and use a faster exposure for a better image, and the autofocus would be faster. Camera ILCE-7M2 Lens FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS Focal Length 240 mm Exposure 1/640 F Number f/10 ISO 400 Camera make SONY I could probably get faster autofocus with a newer Canon body but the Sony A7 series of cameras allows me use all my Canon EF & FD, Pentax, Minolta, Sigma, Tamron, M42 and T2 mount lenses with at least, if not better, image quality than with an OEM body. That is my trade-off. I've also tried several automatic EF->E-mount adapters; Metabones, Commlite, Fotodiox and King. The Metabones, although the most expensive, works the best across all my lenses. The other adapters don't particularly like older Canon lenses, Sigma or Tamron, with hangs, jitters, lost connections, missed focus, etc. All automatic EF->E-mount adapters that I've tested work very well with newer Canon lenses; the Canon 24-105 L is a joy to use! Of course, if you coming from Sony A, I understand Sony A lenses adapted to A7 series cameras give excellent performance. This is hearsay since I don't own any Sony A lenses... bwa
  24. An update... Just acquired the A7R II. Sony's 24-240mm works like a charm on it as well! bwa
  25. Just be sure to do a good custom white balance for the target zone and make sure you use the right color space in postprocessing for the video settings you uses and the problem is no longer a problem... Except when you get involved with blue lasers/LED's which most sensors don't like!
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