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  1. NO, I want it to IGNORE the flash. I want it to NOT take into account the flash for anything. If you pick up a a7iii the first day and look through the EVF what do you see? You see the ambient exposure (if you have setting effects on enabled). I want to do the exact same thing when a flash is attached but the camera is ignoring "settings effect on" when the anti flicker option is set to on.
  2. No, its the other way around. I am asking the EVF to do the same thing its always doing and to not change when a flash is attached. Please reread my post.
  3. I dont understand what you are saying? Whats the point in doing that? It would take shots to nail the exposure and the EVF would be useless. ok guys, I narrowed down the bug causing the issue after trying every possible combination. Try turning OFF Antiflicker (Menue 1 Page14). Also, if you turn silent shooting on and off again you have turn off and turn on the flash or camera again for it to apply settings effect on. Also you wont be able to autofocus while holding down Shot. result preview.
  4. Hi, this is my first post on this forum and English isnt my first language so please be gentle I made the switch from Nikon to Sony. One of the key features that attracted me towards Sony was the EVF and the resulting "What you see is what you get" in the live view. My gear: A7iii + Godox V860ii S or Xpro S both as masters. (Several GM and G lenses) My problem: As soon as I attach and turn on my flash unit or trigger, the camera overrides the "setting effects ON". That means I no longer get a real representation of the ambient exposure but a "simulated" exposure in the viewfinder. I get that they do that in order to be able to still see something when using strobes in very dark environments, but I am wedding photographer and mostly use my Flash as a fill or for creative effects. I would love to still be able to see just the ambient exposure so that I can expose for that and add the fill flash. I`ve read on several sites that to overcome that "problem" some people use the Shot Result Preview mapped to a custom button. That would be a nice workaround but in my case IN DOESNT WORK. All it changes is a tiny bit of exposure if I really increase F-stop numbers. But when I compare the resulting exposure using this function to the exposure resulting in turning the flash off (or with the picture taken), it doesnt match at all. Also, Shutterspeed and ISO changes dont influence the exposure using Shot Result Preview. My question: Does anyone experience the same problem with their A7iii? Is there a setting I have missed which interferes maybe? Is there a known issue or bug with the A7iii?
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