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  1. Thank you so much Rachel, lovely comment.
  2. I can't see a preview option before making a post for editing. Am I looking but not seeing?
  3. I bought stand alone LR6 in 2017 but for some reason switched to the cloud. Like many I can't really see the point of the cloud as LR6 did everything I needed. So I reinstalled LR6 but at the end of the process I had to log into my Adobe account to complete the installation.Lo and behold what popped up was the cloud version and not my LR6. Someone suggested opening an Adobe account with a different email address.This has worked, I simply log into the new account at the end of installation. I can now use LR6, I will terminate my cloud subscription at the end of my period. There are fe
  4. A7Riii 100-400GM@400mm F5.6 1/500th ISO1600
  5. Thanks, he rather chose the composition himself really......😃
  6. Falco tinnunculus Bushy Park, Hampton UK. One of a mating pair. Sony A7RIII, Sony 100-400 GM, 1/500th, F5.6, ISO 500, @400mm.
  7. It's a wonderful lens and doesn't lose any IQ or performance when couple with the 1.4x teleconverter on my A7RIII. However, I do find that tracking birds for instance is much easier in H mode. In H+ mode for a brief moment you are viewing the previous frame in the EVF, the apparent absence of blackout is an illusion. The only downside is the loss of 2 fps which I don't find a handicap. I like your photos in your link.
  8. Can you post a straight out of camera photo?
  9. How about the Sigma 150-600C using the MC-11 adapter. With the latest firmware for the adapter it’s supposed to be very good, it’s certainly within your budget and is a very versatile lens.
  10. A7R3 100-400GM + 1.4 tc. 1/5000 F8 ISO6400 Callicoon, New York State
  11. I find that the AF is astonishingly good in low light. Since my last post I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go over almost completely to Sony as I’m never going to be able to change the charectaristics of the Olympus sensor that I dislike. To that end I’m going to part exchange some Olympus lenses for the Sony 24-105 f4 and the 16-35 f4.
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