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  1. shutter was changed, i hope it will work now.
  2. Hey there !Yesterday i was shooting with my Sony a5100 and after few photos i was receiving messages "camera error". I remember that happened to me few months ago, but it was just once, so i took my battery out and in and it was ok. But yesterday was happening all the time, few shoots and then after some time errors. I was using Samyang 12mm lens. At home i have filled battery to 100% and changed lens for sony 16-50mm and it worked again with no "camera error" message. Then today i have put Sigma lens, at the beginning it was ok, then one error message, so i put sony 16-50mm lens back, battery out-in, and i was shooting normal again and also now with Sigma. Is this a sign i should think for a service ? It's 6 month old camera, so i still have warranty. I have read a lot on internet and there are many customers with this problem. Why so many on new cameras and will there be more chance to work properly when changing shutter ? Best
  3. Thanks for your answer. So, even if i'll use mainly manual focus, could be too slow ? Maybe any suggestions which one is for e mount, so i can decide in the future. At amazon or ebay when i search all i can get it writes for Sony, so i can't be 100% sure, if it's e mount.
  4. Hi there ! I have Tamron objective 18-200mm DC II A mount for Alpha. If i want to use it on my camera Sony A5100 E mount, which adapter should i get ? Thanks for any kind of information. Best
  5. Hi there ! Soon, i'll receive my new photo-cam Sony Alpha a6000, including SEL P-1650 objective. I already have few Hoya filters 58mm, which i have use them on my older photo-cam. I'd like to know, what are my options to use those filters on a6000 ? Is there any adapter or ? Thanks for any kind of information, maybe link Best
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