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  1. Thank you kindly both, appreciate it. I wasn't aware that the SD card is formated that way. And I've learned something new about the FAT.... thanks. I format the SD card in the camera prior to shooting all the time, so why now only? I believe it's the same card... I've filmed longer sequences before onto the same card resulting in files larger than 4GB.. But anyway, and as Olaf W. wrote "solution..?" I should maybe format the card through my computer (I'm on a Mac) and then use it in the camera. Then if it doesn't chop the file, I'll know. But then I could try to format in the camera again and see what happens there.
  2. Hello! Sony A7III - I'm recording internal video in 4K 24fps, and the camera chops video files after they reach the size of 4,19 GB. The recording continues (I guess to the limit of 29mins59secs) but this is new behaviour and I don't recall doing anything to make it happen. I'm on the latest firmware and this happens in both 4K and 1080. Thanks very much for any help.
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