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  1. To answer my own question, if record with shutter is turned on you cannot focus by half-pressing the shutter button whilst recording. This was from a Sony person.
  2. To answer my own question, you need an editor/viewer that can view 10-bit video in order to edit or view. Such as Davinci Resolve Studio.
  3. Hi - just purchased my A1 and playing with video - I had no problem with the 8K video playing and editing on my mac, but cannot view or edit the 4K video... I have tried Davinci Resolve 17. I can transcode the video using handbrake but would rather not have to do that. Am I doing something wrong or am I just stupid?
  4. Hi - I just got my Sony A1 and cannot find how to get the camera to display the focus point(s) when shooting movies with the shutter button half-pressed. It works if I press the AF on button. I have set the shutter button to record.
  5. You could try starting a new catalog in LR. Bit of a pain though having to manage multiple catalogs.
  6. watch this, then check out the software in the link. Picmeta - there is a section for Sony metadata. Works fine for raw files. Not sure what the difference is between shutter count, shutter count 2 and shutter count 3.
  7. I believe you can import the video on a Mac using iMovie. I tested this with my A7RIII and 4K video and it worked. (Unfortunately, it takes at least ten minutes to load iMovie alone on my ancient Mac.)
  8. Watch this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmVhSTIGeiE Seems to be in Sony-specific EXIF data. Works for my A7RIII
  9. Not sure what camera you are using, but try looking into lock-on af. https://www.google.com/search?q=sony+lock+on+af&oq=sony+lock+on+af&aqs=chrome..69i57.2575j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 You can focus on an object, press a button and then the camera will track that object and stay on focus (within reasonable bounds).
  10. To answer my own question, iMovie on a mac, or by using an iPad apparently. Still
  11. Hi - not sure if this has been asked before but are there any alternatives to play memories home for getting 4K video off a Sony A7rIII. Google just returns rubbish for results as far as I can work out. I find play memories home plain offensive it is that clunky - I install it, get videos, then uninstall it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Any firmware update has risks, mainly if the update is interrupted midway. Most important thing to remember is to use a fully charged battery (or near full charge). I've done two firmware updates on my Sony A7RIII without problem. All settings were retained. One of the updates addressed the memory card issue you mentioned. I always update to the latest firmware, just to see what is new. Check the release notes to see if you think it is worth the update in your case, then follow the instructions. From memory, you need to remove your memory cards prior to updating. Also, I think you need to connect the camera to a PC to do the update. I use a notebook with a charged battery. Once the update starts, do not move or even touch the camera, computer or connecting cable. Hope that helps...
  13. Hi - I currently go manual focus, zoom into the image preview and use the focus peaking to try and find the areas in focus. I then shift the focus a tiny amount manually and repeat. Alternatively, I use my macro focus rail I pruchased for the job. https://www.mainlinephoto.com.au/sunwayfoto-mfr-150s-macro-focusing-rail-with-screw-knob-clamp/ I usually just use photoshop to combine, but find it doesn't do some stacks properly. Today I tried a trial version of Zerene Stacker and it did quite a decent job. Not sure if I would pay money for Zerene or just buy Helicon Focus. HTH...
  14. That depends - would you rather pay for an expensive brush, or an expensive sensor? I used one of those brushes on an old Nikon D100 and totally screwed the sensor. My advice is send the camera off for a professional clean - that way if it gets messed up, you can claim it via their warranty.
  15. Hi - just purchased this camera but I don't have it with me so operating from memory. Try reviewing the image, then press the DISP button - this *should* cycle through various display options, one of which should show the histogram.
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