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  1. 2.8 just means that that is the widest it can open to. It is not a fixed aperture lens. all variable aperture lenses will go to smaller apertures usually all the way up to f22, but it's called a 2.8 lens because that is the widest it can open. That is more important to know than the fact it can close up to f22 i suppose. The lens is a fixed focal length, however.
  2. So weird. I couldn't reply when I first saw your comment, but earlier that day I actually tried the lens again and it now works fine. I didn't do anything with it, it has just been sitting in my storage cupboard doing nothing. So weird.
  3. Hi Yall, Yesterday I was on a shoot with my a7iii and I've never had SD card problems before so I was just using one SD card - new 'tough' one, biggest size is it 128g? Anyway when I tried to take off the images it said "card needs to be formatted and you will lose your data' bla bla - I've lost the images they were't that important it was my second camera not used much on the day. What is best practice for SD cards - should I format in camera before every shoot? I've heard the a7iii has had some issues regarding this - is this solved with the latest firmware? Al
  4. Yesterday the lens was working fine, now on 2 different bodies I can not change the aperture - it just shows an F on screen with no number. I can not focus it and on my aii it comes up with a warning saying the lens is not attached correctly or is not supported. There is no visible damage (it was working fine yesterday and has been stored well since then) I've given the gold things a wipe with a soft cloth, tried on different bodies etc etc. Very frustrating. There is no Sony repair place anywhere near me. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, Yes I'm aware that it's raw. It's just that with the 50mm macro taking a very similar shot with the same settings, that file is much less washed out with more contrast. I just want to know if this is something to expect with the 90mm... Thanks
  6. I recently got the 90mm macro with high hopes. I'm not sure if it's supposed to look so washed out and soft, but I feel like it maybe shouldn't. I couldn't load a whole raw file up here so i exported to JPEG through camera raw (completely untouched from raw). Please let me know if you think this is acceptable from this lens. Thanks
  7. Please elaborate on 'any wireless trigger'.as I said I use the infra red remote which isn't good enough. The app is ok but the problem is I can't use the camera to switch between drive modes whilst using the app. I need to disconnect and then change the mode and then I can't use the app to shoo Bracketed anyway. It's too cumbersome and not efficient. A simple radio trigger that triggers the camera is all I need, and I would like to be able to use the camera itself to change settings at the same time. Something the app won't allow. Thanks
  8. I desperately need a way to trigger my a7rii remotely. I have the infra red remote, which is total crap, unless you're right next to the camera. I shoot interiors so need to be able to walk around a room and trigger remotely reliably. Thanks!
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