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  1. Each lens has specific uses admittedly 24-105 more often but the wide end of the 16-35 comes in handy even if you can back up images are different
  2. It’s a shame Sony didn’t opt to use the XQD cards in the A9. I think speed could be increased over SD-II cards with increased security over SD. If your looking for higher sensor size just go for an A7rII. Just my 2cents
  3. You can use just about any lens you’d like for landscape photography but when you start going longer, above 50mm you change the perspective and begin to compress due to longer mm lenses generally speaking wide angle is normally the suggested landscape lenses . Have you thought about 16-35 seems to be a really nice focal length.
  4. New to Sony A9 new to forum from Toms River NJ USA So hi everyone
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