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  1. 342/5000 Hi all Finally I was able to try my Batis 18, the place was not good, the light was not there and there were many people, perfect, the ideal place: D I'm really happy with the result, I shot in jpg with the color profile in black and white. The photos were resized and have a minimum crop. I used the A6300, tomorrow I will try it on the A7R3
  2. Strobe with strip softbox
  3. Black hummingbird with direct sun light, I'm sorry for the tightness of the image, I was with the 400mm to 1 meter of the bird. Photo without crop
  4. Alejandro Espeche


    Sony A6300 + Batis 85
  5. Alejandro Espeche


    Batis 85 and Sony A6300 with beauty dish
  6. I'm used to using this lens in nature photography. It is not as heavy as other lenses I had with a great stabilizer. This photo I shot about 150mm, but I shot 400mm too
  7. Iansky Yes, Cementerio de la Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  8. Iansky I shoot with Batis 85
  9. Alejandro Espeche


    With Sony A6300 + Batis 25
  10. Morrigan Aensland Cosplay with Sony A6300 and Batis 85
  11. Jessica Rabbit's cosplay
  12. Katarina, League of Leguends cosplay
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