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  1. Porque los países están en mayúsculas, si Google y yo entendemos su pregunta.
  2. Good idea. I have used the Arctic Butterfly with success on other cameras, but haven't gotten (yet) any visible dust on my sensor. Thanks for the tip about switching off IBIS.
  3. I really like the composition and the pairing of two dominant colors.
  4. OpenWater

    Ms J.W.

    Indeed, she is a beautiful woman.
  5. I have had an A7III for about three months now. It is an amazing camera! I love the flexibility of the images that it produces.
  6. A beautiful photo! Thanks for the shot information.
  7. JPalik, Take a look at Mark Galer's feed on YouTube. He has some excellent information on settings, etc. (FWIW, I, too, am a bit perplexed by the Forum approval rules.)
  8. This is a public message on my own feed, I guess.


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