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  1. When planning a photographic expedition to a mountainous country like Ethiopia, the biggest challenge is to keep your camera kit at a minimum. Artfully, the A7RIII, in combination with the tack sharp Sony 24-105 lens, fits the bill. More photos shot with the one camera/one lens combo @ http://patmorrow.com/diary/ethiopians/
  2. Yes, the word "alpine" pertains to the magical transitional zone between treeline and the summits of all the great mountain ranges in the world....including the Purcells
  3. On alpine larch patrol, with one camera (Sony A7RIII) and one lens (Sony 24-105mm). With the RIII's extraordinary low light sensitivity and rock solid steady shot feature i was able to handhold the (stitched) panorama shot of the hut and hiker at dusk. 1/30 @ f4 https://www.instagram.com/pat_morrow_photo/ #KeepJumboWild #sonyalphagallery @sonyalphagallery
  4. I’ve tried using Sony’s Imaging Edge Pixel Shift software on a couple of occasions for landscapes, and have been disappointed both times by the perceived lack of sharpness. Apart from the colour shift between the photos, the first one being a single frame, and the bottom four frames shot in Pixel Shift mode, and stacked into one by the software, I can see better detail in the single frame. Any suggestions as to how to harness the increased detail as promised by Sony?
  5. This is a vertical "panorama", wherein i shot several handheld pics of my nimble desert rat friend negotiating the rain-slicked slot canyon, then tilted up to record him and the sandstone tower behind, and combined the two images in LR post. For a decade, beginning in 1975, carrying cameras loaded with Kodachrome 25, we collaborated on a book project to document the magical hidden places in the American desert. It's amazing how far photography has come in the digital age. www.patmorrow.com A7RIII, Sony 24-105 lens & umbrella (for the rain), ISO 2500! #sonyalphagallery
  6. I'm looking for a relatively lightweight combo vid/stills head that i can use for backpacking/travel. I've tried a couple in the past but the video head action wasn't smooth. Any suggestions?
  7. thanks for your input, but i've shot thousands of photos in this type of environment with a variety of lenses and camera bodies, and this is the first lens that is giving me exposure grief. here's a sequence shot yesterday with my 6500 and 16-70 with uniform exposure results - there were more in the sequence, and all were within a tight tolerance of exposure despite the fact that the camera and subject changed position a significant amount.
  8. Pat Morrow


    Five weeks spent travelling around Uganda, beginning with 2 weeks shooting a promo video a “hands-on” education project to train Ugandan students to look for water in the most desperate of the Acholi villages in Gulu district, as well as to train Acholi students, led by Calgary, AB geophysicist Paul Bauman, supported by five geophysicist volunteers from Alberta, The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG,) Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) Foundation, IsraAID.
  9. I took my new FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS for a test run, and in the course of using it on two different bodies (in this case, the A6500), noticed that there is a sporadic drop in exposure value by about 1/3 stop every 8 or 9 frames. A couple days later I shot another series with the A7RIII body, and came up with the same result. It occurs whether on single shot mode or multi shot mode, and in all cases, I haven’t changed any of the exposure settings from one frame to the next. Any thoughts on why this is happening and what can be done to correct it?
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