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  1. One more, shortly before sunrise with Venus and Jupiter clearly visible... Dom
  2. Late reply as I simply forgot about this post - I apologize. Shot taken at 41000 feet and the elongated structure on the ground seems to be some sort of massive greenhouse installation. We are not allowed to be shooting in the cockpit in a way as to reveal the identity of the workplace or equipment/procedures used, so I will not be able to give you any more details. The fact is, this platform offers excellent astro possibilities as there is no light/environmental pollution up high. Of course, the standard astro setting guidelines do not apply here, as the vantage point move
  3. Good day, As I can not physically check any of the bags for not having a proper photo shop in my area I would like to ask your opinions about my choice of camera sling bags I am looking at buying at the moment. I used Sony A7III with 24-105 plus occasional prime (either 28mm or 55m), or the camera with primes exclusively: 85mm, 55mm and 28mm with 21mm UWA converter. I narrowed my choice to three bags, and they are: -ThinkTank Turnstyle 10 v1 (for its ability to be used as the waist pack which is quite important for me) - Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L - Manfrotto S
  4. I attempted a night sky photography with my newly acquired 21mm converter add-on to excellent 28mm f2 lens. Very happy with the result given difficult shooting environment and high ISO necessary to catch this (shot through the windcreen of an airliner travelling at 41000ft) Thanks Dom
  5. Thanks, already got confirmation it can be folded flat on another forum. Thanks Dom
  6. Very quick question to users of this bag. Can you remove all internal foam dividers and fold this bag flat? I need to pack it into another bag with limited space and need it to take the least space possible. Thank you Dom
  7. Thanks, in fact I tend to be shooting at all those focal lengths to get different perspectives. I will get all three. Thank you all very much again, Dom
  8. Thank you, lots of options to play with. I will try to use the face recognition, see if that works through the volleyball net. Dom
  9. I am trying to shoot indoor volleyball with A7III and 24-105 f4 lens. I tried different focus modes and most of them produce mediocre results. The best hit rate, however, came up with Expanded Flexible Spot. One YT volleyball video photographer claims the Lock-ON centre spot should work best. I was wondering if any of you tried Eye-AF functionality with volleyball or any other indoor sport. In theory, this should be the best mode to shoot with being close to the sidelines as the Eye-AF works successfully at quite a distance. Then again, perhaps the light available would not
  10. Thank you all very much, I do not shoot that wide, in fact as stated above I like to compressed look of the pictures. For the low light the 28f2 would be good enough, I am now considering the 55 or the 85 for the indoor sports. Thanks Dom
  11. Good day to you, Ever since I got my hands on the fantastic A7III (having moved from Fuji XT2) I was nothing but amazed with the quality of the pictures I have been getting with it. My primary lens is the excellent 24-105 zoom. I am now suffering from GAS attack thinking about adding some primes to it in order to expand my low light photo results and lessen the weight of the set. I mainly use my camera for: - shooting indoor volleyball of my sons (low light, fast action) - standing literally by the sidelines of the court - I am thinking either Zeiss 55mm f1.8, or 85mm
  12. All very valid points. Another example, this time much more challenging to the camera and the lens. Shooting fast incoming 'bird' at the relative speed difference of approximately 900 knots, shot at the distance, through multilayer window pane filled with dense net of heating elements.... Dom
  13. 150mm, 300mm, 172mm and 163mm. Thanks Dom
  14. I have had the 70-300 lens for several weeks and have been very happy with the results so far. Some snaps which could qualify as BIF Dom
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