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  1. I choose uncompressed and convert them all into dng
  2. I convert all the files from Sony A7RIII into dng and never keep the native format
  3. thanks but at the end ... is it better to delete all or to format daily ? or is it better to delete all and to format once a month ? i am using my cards each day
  4. Sorry but it cannot be very different
  5. thanks but a very simple delete all would be useful, I am not used to Sony menu and I found them complicated
  6. an old and bad habit probably but I like to keep the focus area always in the center, but it moves, and if I'm not careful I end up with the focus on the bottom right or left and my picture is fuzzy there is an option for the focus area to stay still and always in the middle whatever you do? thank you
  7. yes I know , but always formatting a card is not good
  8. Hello on the A7R III I do not find how to delete all the images a (it exists on Canon 5D or Leica M), I only find the option to format or select one by one and delete the selection how do you delete all? thank you
  9. for me it works very well , of course the lenses are big but easy to use on the body
  10. no it is not a jpg conversion, you get a real raw converter and the working process with a pencil is amazing and if you like to draw Procreate for iPad is a killer app ! :-) if you have to process many files like for an event or wedding it is not the best tool
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