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  1. i just ordered and received this Shoot remote from Amazon. Under $10. I use it on my A7R III. Here is a link SHOOT Wired Shutter Remote Release Cord Trigger Rm-vpr1 for Sony Alpha A7 A7R A7II A3000 A5000 A6000 SLT-A58 NEX-3NL DSC-HX300 DSC-RX100M3 DSC-RX100M20 DSC-RX100II DSC-RX100III Cameras (90cm) Sold by: SHOOT Official
  2. I am used to being able to press the exposure lock button on other cameras and the exposure stays locked. On my a7Riii I have to keep holding the button. Q.Is there any way to change the exposure lock button so it stays locked until I release it?
  3. Just received an a 7Riii and am learning the menus etc. But it would be helpful to have a book to read, make notes and use as a reference. I can find books on the a 7Rii but not the a7Riii. Anyone know of a book on the a 7riii?
  4. I just received my Sony A 7RIII and am very excited. But the user manual is lame. Cannot find where to set electronic level, which port to use for a remote shuttewr release and instructions on use of exposure lock button. YouTube videos have helped but need advice on specifics listed. Thank you
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