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  1. Update on my original July 8th post concerning the 'shortcomings' of my Sony 55-210mm lens on my a6500. I have now tried just about every setting combination that helpful Guest Jaf-Photo and every other source that I could find suggested to sort out the 'focus dropping out and hunting' problems that I experienced with this lens at airshows. Regretfully - all to no avail.... I went to another large airshow yesterday and of the 200-odd images that I took i ended up keeping only 15! I think that some 25% of the shots were totally out of focus - where the focus had been 'locked on' (green confirmation) and then just dropped out and hunted to re-focus. Probably 25% were just missed shots because I couldn't get it to focus at that time, and so on.... Just a dreadful lens that is going extremely soon. I still would like to get a suitable 'long zoom' for the a6500 and would like either the FF 24-240mm or better the FF 70-300mm but neither really suit my pocket for a lens that will be infrequently used. I think that waiting for Tamron or Sigma to come up with a suitable eMount zoom may be the best option... For all that I now 'detest' on the 55-210mm, I must say the later 18-135mm and a6500 continue to be marvellous!
  2. PeterMac

    Lens confusion...

    Pieter, thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought I was going crazy by not finding the 2nd lens! I too would welcome Sigma 100-400 in e-mount format. I asked Sigma to convert my Canon mount 18-300 C as they are offering this at their service centres but was told “no” because they don’t already have that model in e-mount. Funny as I would have thought that once an e-mount exists for Sigma that it could be used right across their range of lenses - but I obviously don’t know about lens technology!
  3. I have just had to dump a 16-50mm kit lens originally purchased for my (then) a6000 due to ‘jamming in it’s open position’ for the second time. I had previously sent it for repair and service after the same issue right at the time of purchase on eBay. I then Googled the problem and was alarmed to see lots of similar reports. As someone who has a) never had a lens failure, and b) just moved over entirely from Canon ‘big’ cameras to Sony Alpha - I hope that this is not a repeatable trend of ‘Sony lens unreliability’. Reassure me please!!
  4. PeterMac

    Lens confusion...

    In researching a zoom lens with ‘better reach’ for my a6500 (without breaking the bank), I have found the following statement - but can only identify the (expensive) G lens. Can anyone direct me to the less expensive one? If so, is it worth a look? ”There are two Sony 70-300mm (e-mount) zooms and the model tested here is the pro-spec G-series lens for full frame and APS-C cameras. If you are a Sony user who would prefer to pay much less for a 70-300mm zoom, look to the sub-£200 DT lens, which is similar in price to other manufacturers’ 70-300mm zooms...”
  5. A good shout indeed Jaf-Photo! I get all enthusiastic for a model and buy one - then the update comes around the bloc two seconds later...
  6. Really useful info Jaf-Photo. Clearly you are saying "try it" and "experience" which is what we all try to cram in the moment we have a new rig. I'm going to go the a6500 route because i have been able to get excellent visual results (?) with the a6300 when combined with my Development settings of Lightroom. I resist the FF rig sizes because of body/lens weights but want to embrace the lens stabilisation freedom of the in-body a6500. Many thanks for your input!
  7. Many thanks Jaf-Photo - another helpful answer from you! I will put that advice to work for the next air show. Migrating from using Canon for years it emphasises that each manufacturer has his setting 'quirks' for optimum results. I had found plenty of guides and manuals for Canon but they seem thin on the ground for Sony, or at least my a6300. Having sold the last of my Canon kit today (🎉🎉) I am intending to upgrade to the a6500 - mainly for the internal stabilisation - to allow me a much wider choice of lenses. I am running various comparisons with the (affordable) part of the A7 range but still am inclined to go for the a6500 as I am absolutely a hobby photographer (rather than making any income that way) and don't see an advantage of full-frame over the smaller body size of the a6500. Any thoughts about this would be most welcome.
  8. Update on the idea of converting my Sigma 18-300 from a Canon to a Sony e-mount:- they can not do this conversion as they do not make an 18-300mm with a Sony e-mount in their current lens range and thus there is no mount available. Strange, I would have assumed that the mounts are universal i.e. one e-mount would fit all their lenses, same as one Canon mount would fit all their lenses - but no, presumably each mount is individual to each lens model. Pity!
  9. Then there is the Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G OSS Lens at around £900... Maybe a good option.
  10. Thanks Gosman767, a very realistic alternative at an affordable price. The reviews for it are good. My only thoughts - pretty heavy at 1067(?)gms especially on my small a6300 and no tripod mount for the lens. Now, if I can get the e-mount fitted onto that lens - goodbye adaptor! Excellent thought, thanks.
  11. I read this 'old' topic with interest as I was about to go to a large airshow and wanted to glean the best info from the experts that would help me get the most out of my a6300 along with a recently purchased 55-210. The day of the airshow has now come and gone, and whilst I have ended up with some fun images (a couple are attached) I had the following 'annoying' experiences: the 55-210 often took 'too long' to autofocus (compared to my newer-designed 18-135mm). having 'locked on' with the focus, and with 'continuous focus' enabled, the lens would suddenly decide to re-focus (so totally losing focus) and again take a longish time to focus. switching to the AF/MF position on the camera (the alternative to AEL) I hoped to be able to manually focus (since most aircraft were at a similar distance) but I could not seem to get the forward lens ring to do any focusing and it seemed always to be over-ridden by the autofocus. I can see no switch on the lens to enable MF. too frequently many aircraft were tantalizingly 'just too far away' at 210mm (which I take to be a true 210mm, as the lens is specifically designed for aps-c cameras). I found myself wanting to be at 300mm or even a little more. Yes, I can crop my images to pull in the subject but would still have liked more zoom mm's. I'm was interested by member LeButler's post, above, suggesting the "LA-EA4 adaptor plus the Sony 70-400mm f4-5.6 A-mount" but see that the lens is currently $1,500 (GB£1000) plus adaptor which is out of my amateur league for an infrequently used lens my other thought is to have my existing Sigma 18-300mm f3.5-6.3 converted from it's existing Canon mount to a Sony e-mount and I'm check the cost of having that done right now. It's a bit of a 'beast' weighing 595gms but it might be an acceptable solution - particularly since their 2nd hand values are pretty low at the moment. Once done I don't know if the autofocus will function with an a6300 - or whether I shall have to consider upgrading to an a6500 (with in-body stabilisation)... and if I pay that money, would I be better-off choosing an A-7ii?? (I'm just waiting for my Canon 70D body to sell on eBay)... Questions, questions, questions.... Any suggestions from the expert members would be welcome.
  12. Thank you gentlemen for your replies. As Taher says, slow focusing would be "a killer" and very difficult to accept the slow or manual focus requirement. I am going to stick with the native Sony OSS lens for the moment and may eventually want to upgrade to the a6500 so as to be able to use other e-mount lenses. Whilst I would love to buy into A7iii etc, I have to recognise that this is a hobby for my pleasure rather than a business.
  13. Can any members kindly offer suggestions and experience about Canon ep-s lens mount adaptors for Sony a6300 - without 'breaking the bank' - Metabones appears very expensive, for example. Do the adaptors allow full functioning of metering, for instance? Presumably the auto-stabilisation is lost without going to the 6500 so it will be tripods most of the time. I have a number of nice Canon lenses that are gathering dust whilst I am increasingly delighted with my a6300! It would be good to re-use some of them.
  14. Re the Lightroom lens profile. Interestingly, there are A-Mount lens profiles already available in Lightroom, including an 18-135mm which, in use in LR looks excellent. I suspect that, ignoring the mount, this is very close to the E-mount lens profile required. Glowinthedark asks how to create a zoom lens profile from scratch (which I can not answer) but I would just add "look for the profile for a similar type lens and you won't be far off" - at least it should be a good starting point.
  15. PeterMac

    New Sony SEL 18-135/3.5-5.6

    Hi glowinthedark, Very early days with both the a6300 (after an a6000) and my new 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 OSS, but initial very positive impressions with both camera and lens. Turning to the a6300 and what I find (IMHO) different to the a6000: the greatly improved colours and clarity in RAW images right out of the camera. I hadn’t expected this to the quite dramatic extent that it is and it must be down to a re-write of the software algorithm that Sony use to record the image since the sensor is apparently identical to the a6000. The clarity of the image is, I accept, more a result of the lens used but when using the same Sony 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 kit lens on both the a6000 and a6300 - images from the former definitely lacked colour and needed quite a bit of LR adjustment, whereas the latter's ‘popped’ right out of the camera. faster auto-focus acquisition higher-res electronic viewfinder is much nicer to use. I think even the view screen is higher res but I am used to using the viewfinder due to my Canon. the magnesium body feels more substantial (slightly heavier) but importantly is a stronger lens mount so should be better life. slightly improved battery life (reportedly) supposedly c.300 shots (a6000) increases to c.400 (I have yet to prove this!). More shooting over the next week, so hopefully the above points will be borne out.