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  1. I see the slight ‘softness’ in the focus that you are concerned by. I too started with the a6000 on moving to Sony mirrorless and had much the same experience as you. Looking back, I am convinced that the issue is actually lens quality rather than just not focussing correctly. I ‘went through’ a number of reportedly better lenses (with varying results) but have settled very happily into the excellent Sony Zeiss 16-70mm f4 OSS lens as my everyday ‘go-to’ lens which delivers photos up to my expectation. If you can hire one to try this might prove (or disprove!) my reply at little cost to you.
  2. Chrissie - many thanks for clarifying the reason! Now I can relax - or buy a GM lens! Thanks sir.
  3. Right LiveShots..... your points 1, 2 and 3 are well understood thanks. It remains your point 4 in which the “WHY” is still totally obscure and which I would appreciate being clarified. Can you throw some further light on that please?
  4. 2xbass. Thanks, that is more what I expected as a “GM” lens surely refers only to the optical grade and not the mount type. So, effectively, either TC could work with both FF and aps-c cameras be they using prime or zoom lenses. Unless I still misunderstand, of course. I’m interested as I use the Sony 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 FE lens as the ‘best reach’ zoom that I can find for my a6500 but I’m still searching for a little more zoom without breaking the bank.
  5. Would anyone here have experience of using a teleconverter (most interested in 1.4) on e-mount lenses (both FF and apps-c specific ) on an a6500?
  6. Started with Olympus OM10 then OM1n a 'lifetime' ago.... Then mainly Canon ending up with 2 Canon 70Ds (aps-c) one right after the other (pretty much wore out the first one...) Then became transfixed on how neat, compact and 'quality' the Sony a6000 is and 'jumped ship' selling all my Canon gear. Initially less impressed by EVF quality on the a6000 and then unhappy about perceived image quality (as I seemed to have to do a lot of edits in Lightroom on every image) - most likely it was the kit lens. Then traded the a6000 for an a6300 (on trial) which lasted a short number of days before I went for the a6500 which I find fantastic! But I would just love to try an a7ii.... (the devil's on my shoulder...) I still 'grouch' about the limited offering of quality e-mount zoom (or prime) e-mount lenses at the 200mm+ end.
  7. Just a couple of thoughts to throw into this post: I suggest that you totally avoid the 18-55 despite it's surprisingly good IQ vs $. I had 2 of them just die on me, one after the other... I have found that the Sony 18-135 f3.5-5.6 is a remarkably useful travel lens with nice IQ (I speak as a happy amateur) and an acceptable size and weight. Agreeably not pocket-sized though. I have had very good experiences with mpb.com and Wex for used lenses (both in the UK) eBay (UK) has been OK for me too, but look very closely at the product photos and closely read the text... Doubt anything not clearly described.... Caveat emptor!
  8. Some nice pics of some beautiful r/c models! Well done. I’m very intrigued by your use of the Olympus extender - how did that go with the e-mount? Evidently you got the focus working fine... Now it’s just down to practice and perfection! 🤪🤪
  9. Your point is valid Chrissie as I also fell out of love with Canon bridge cameras for the same reason. I suggest that Lumix May well offer a better lens than most and is worth trying out probably others are worth trying too. The ‘bottom line’ of your argument is indeed correct that one can not expect a $500 compact camera to be the equal of a high-end $2,000 lens! It will come to deset_view’s ‘available cash’ vs. ‘How good (or not) IQ can I accept for my purposes’. Like many, I’m sure, I would love the IQ of the $2,000 lens but that’s not likely to happen - a case of having champagne tastes on a beer income I’m afraid 😂🤣
  10. Approaching the question from a different angle, as the lens that you would like either doesn’t yet exist or is pretty much unaffordable, what about investigating the purchase of a superzoom compact from Sony, Lumix etc as being your ‘dedicated’ camera for the r/c airshows? Many of the superzooms offer astonishing zoom lenses with full stabilisation, fast focus and good IQ - all the points that you want without breaking the bank. Unless you intend to blow the images up to big poster sizes the IQ will be perfectly good even for magazine submissions. I too have an a6500 and am somewhat frustrated by the lack of affordable lenses beyond 200mm ff (= 300mm crop), but I then backed off my search when I evaluated what % of my hobby was actually spent at airshows. My answer was to stick with my existing ‘nice’ lenses and borrow my wife’s superzoom compact for the annual airshow or two. Clearly if your living is made by taking photos of the r/c airshows then the above probably doesn’t answer your dilemma!
  11. I’m very happy with IQ on my much cheaper Sony 18-220 on my a6500. The crop factor gives me 340. Tamron also offer a 150-600 with E mount - 2 versions too both way cheaper than your current thought - none of these are f2.8 though.
  12. Raz, thank you for your reply and that is most interesting - particularly as I have also moved to the a6500. I will look at the settings that you suggest and try to understand the possible effect of each alternative. Many of the menu options are less than crystal clear in their wording! I just gave up on the 55-210 lens as I became disenchanted due to the focus-losses, lack of IQ and lack of ‘reach’. I have just received a Sony FE 24-240mm (full frame) lens and am impressed with initial flexibility, IQ and reach. Interestingly it is marked-down in reviews for being a little soft at the image edges on full frame but this is where it suits an aps-c camera so well! (I couldn’t quite afford your 70-300G but I expect that you have some astonishing results). I have some moto-cross beach racing to try my new lens on next weekend and I will check your menu suggestion beforehand too!
  13. When I could get it to focus and stay focused, it took good shots. The vignetting is mine, intentionally applied in LR to try to improve a disappointing day’s shooting. No shots were really good enough to warrant more effort... 😢 The lens did not vignette in itself. I’m now about to trial it’s replacement a Sony FE24-240mm FF lens. Looks mighty promising right now.
  14. Update on my original July 8th post concerning the 'shortcomings' of my Sony 55-210mm lens on my a6500. I have now tried just about every setting combination that helpful Guest Jaf-Photo and every other source that I could find suggested to sort out the 'focus dropping out and hunting' problems that I experienced with this lens at airshows. Regretfully - all to no avail.... I went to another large airshow yesterday and of the 200-odd images that I took i ended up keeping only 15! I think that some 25% of the shots were totally out of focus - where the focus had been 'locked on' (green confirmation) and then just dropped out and hunted to re-focus. Probably 25% were just missed shots because I couldn't get it to focus at that time, and so on.... Just a dreadful lens that is going extremely soon. I still would like to get a suitable 'long zoom' for the a6500 and would like either the FF 24-240mm or better the FF 70-300mm but neither really suit my pocket for a lens that will be infrequently used. I think that waiting for Tamron or Sigma to come up with a suitable eMount zoom may be the best option... For all that I now 'detest' on the 55-210mm, I must say the later 18-135mm and a6500 continue to be marvellous!
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