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  1. I have a A7rII. I never shot any video with it, so I tried some. When I hit the red video button to stop the video it says the video is on standby. I can't figure out how to take it off standby. Is it always supposed to be on standby when set for video? Thanks
  2. Never a problem and have had dozens of dig cams. Turn the cam down and change lens. Or change lens quick and cam not down. Once in a while I blow off the sensor, but not very seldom. If you are in a dust storm or something OK, be worried.
  3. Don't get it? I have had many many digital cams. Never had to clean the sensor, only blow off.
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    Not much hap here. Snapshot material. Distraction. Maybe something if you were up tight.
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    Purdy girl!
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    Great series!
  7. You guys and gals should be documenting places of interest you visit and putting the shoot up on the Internet Archive. They have a CC option where it is for non-commercial use if you don't want them used commercially. (Although we all know people don't follow instructions.) Put up some decent res work. No watermarked garbage, no low res garbage. Keep that for Flickr. Here is a shoot from a 2 hour trip to March Field Air Museum. (Sony RX100) I've missed out on tons of shoots like this. Never thought of it until the recent Araki exhibit in NYC which I did a large shoot on and will post someday when I get time to PP. https://archive.org/details/MarchFieldAirMuseum2018D.D.TeoliJr.1 Photo / art exhibits need to be archived. They are only up for 6 to 12 weeks...get em documented.
  8. Delete junk in-camera Put the interim keepers on the computer and go through them and trash the final junk. Then do the PP. Although PP is required for some final decisions. Now, I am years behind with my PP. But as long as I get it on the computer, it is like $ in the bank. I can PP anytime. I also manage a large photo and film archive. So that is a big reason I don't do better with my own work. The archive is mine too, just found work versus personally produced work.
  9. I use a bunch of external drives, some DVDs and thumb drives short term. My main back up is the original SD cards. I'm a scatterbrain and have deleted files off my computer more than once and had to go back to the SD cards. Cloud takes over the computer, didn't like it. Stop paying the bill and in 30 days your cloud files go poof! Some of the media is kept off site.
  10. Now, for my archive, it is pretty much all JPEG. If I have a special photo that needs lots of PP work or is rare, then I will go TIFF for my archive. I produce many tens of thousands of scans a year for my archive. I could not do it with TIFF unless I had a different set up. Not enuf storage. These are all raw jpeg scans. WordPress reduces em, so they don't look as good as they should. https://photographysgoldenage.wordpress.com/ That is just one of 50 websites I have. This type of thing gets TIFF... https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/selection-from-ballerina/ I do lots of volunteer archiving on the Internet Archive. I tried hi-res JPEG on the Archive, but they don't work very well if you do bulk work like I do. I settled on 1 to 2 mb JPEG's for it. (The last link for the ballerina has lots of nsfw stuff on the website. So don't wander around if you are offended by that material...just stick with the ballerina.) Moral of the story...uses for both RAW and JPEG.
  11. Yes, wish Sony had DNG option. Their Raw wont work in my LR version. I have to convert to TIFF.
  12. Yes, me too. RAW+. Raw is good for PP. Esp if you got tough files that needs lots of work. Raw may have a little more data that can be worked. For a fast shot of nothing special jpeg is fine. But you can still do good work with jpegs if that is your deal.
  13. Yes, good advice. Too much unneeded stuff takes away from the main subject. Nothing could be easier than to crop with software to test out various versions.
  14. Ropework by Midori - shot with a IR Sony A7Rii - cropped a lot. I censored nude woman as I do not know the policy of nudes here. I drove up from Ohio last week to hit the Araki show in Manhattan at the Museum of Sex. Very happy with show other than no spermanko photos. (Possible due to the lady curator's personal prejudice, but that was speculation from some people 'in the know' I spoke with.) Also took in a show at the ICP (Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt, among others) Backpacks were not allowed in the Museum, so I bought a fisherman's vest and took in 4 cams. Shot about 300+ photos, but who know when I will get to them. (I'm worse than Winogrand. I got photos going back to 2013 that need looking through. But it is not my choice, just no time.) I was very happy I found out how to convert Sony RAW. I downloaded a DNG converter from Adobe. My LR 5.71 wont convert them. On the con side, my bike got stolen a few hours after parking it at the PATH station.
  15. I have a number of LR 6's I bought on eBay very cheap. Am set for the foreseeable future. They do everything I need to do. (Except convert Sony A7Rii raw, whish is a pain.) Hell, I can even get by with LR3.
  16. OP...Since I didn't know what it was until I looked it up, I didn't pay any attention to EFCS settings. I use the silent shutter extensively for candid work. Sharpness is not a concern in any case, stealth is. Only bad thing about silent mode is the flash wont work. For 99.99% of the people that is fine. But for the .01% or less of the photogs that shoot infrared flash in the dark it is bad. That is my only complaint.
  17. OP, if you are looking beyond snapshot material, you have to test all legacy glass to see how it works with the Sony. Some perform better than others.
  18. The Sony A7RII batteries seem to discharge pretty fast by just sitting. I've used many systems (Pentax, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus) and the Sony seems to be the worst. What about you? It would not be so bad if Sony didn't charge a bunch of $ for their batteries. The fresh charged batteries do OK in the camera, am satisfied. But my complaint is the fast discharge rate from sitting just over a couple months.
  19. OP, just what you would expect with the larger mp's. But really, not that big a deal unless you are a pixel peeper. Are you making big prints or just posting low res photos online?
  20. For disposable lenses I use the old Pentax 50mm. I buy them on ebay for $15 to $20.
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