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  1. slackercruster

    Schwarzhorn (Flüela) Summit, Switzerland

    Crazy photo...Very Nice!
  2. slackercruster

    Jump for Joy

    Yes, good advice. Too much unneeded stuff takes away from the main subject. Nothing could be easier than to crop with software to test out various versions.
  3. slackercruster

    Araki at the Museum of Sex

    Ropework by Midori - shot with a IR Sony A7Rii - cropped a lot. I censored nude woman as I do not know the policy of nudes here. I drove up from Ohio last week to hit the Araki show in Manhattan at the Museum of Sex. Very happy with show other than no spermanko photos. (Possible due to the lady curator's personal prejudice, but that was speculation from some people 'in the know' I spoke with.) Also took in a show at the ICP (Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt, among others) Backpacks were not allowed in the Museum, so I bought a fisherman's vest and took in 4 cams. Shot about 300+ photos, but who know when I will get to them. (I'm worse than Winogrand. I got photos going back to 2013 that need looking through. But it is not my choice, just no time.) I was very happy I found out how to convert Sony RAW. I downloaded a DNG converter from Adobe. My LR 5.71 wont convert them. On the con side, my bike got stolen a few hours after parking it at the PATH station.
  4. I have a number of LR 6's I bought on eBay very cheap. Am set for the foreseeable future. They do everything I need to do. (Except convert Sony A7Rii raw, whish is a pain.) Hell, I can even get by with LR3.
  5. OP...Since I didn't know what it was until I looked it up, I didn't pay any attention to EFCS settings. I use the silent shutter extensively for candid work. Sharpness is not a concern in any case, stealth is. Only bad thing about silent mode is the flash wont work. For 99.99% of the people that is fine. But for the .01% or less of the photogs that shoot infrared flash in the dark it is bad. That is my only complaint.
  6. slackercruster

    Manual focusing A7R2

    OP, if you are looking beyond snapshot material, you have to test all legacy glass to see how it works with the Sony. Some perform better than others.
  7. The Sony A7RII batteries seem to discharge pretty fast by just sitting. I've used many systems (Pentax, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Olympus) and the Sony seems to be the worst. What about you? It would not be so bad if Sony didn't charge a bunch of $ for their batteries. The fresh charged batteries do OK in the camera, am satisfied. But my complaint is the fast discharge rate from sitting just over a couple months.
  8. slackercruster

    Considering trying out Sony

    OP, just what you would expect with the larger mp's. But really, not that big a deal unless you are a pixel peeper. Are you making big prints or just posting low res photos online?
  9. slackercruster

    Best (cheap) manual 50mm for the a6500

    For disposable lenses I use the old Pentax 50mm. I buy them on ebay for $15 to $20.
  10. I'd say for normal internet use, very little difference. I mean, isn't it the popular trend to put up low images on the net for fear people steal them? Even if you put up 1 or 2 mb images, that is nothing.
  11. slackercruster

    custom aspect ratios

    I just would like a 1:1. I will use gaffers tape.
  12. slackercruster

    custom aspect ratios

    Yes, I was shocked when I got mine. My ancient Fuji had tons of aspect ratios. Someone fudged up at Sony.
  13. slackercruster

    Third party lenses

    I tried a Pentax 300 adapted to a Leica then adapted Leica to the E. Doable if you have to have something, but poor IQ. Maybe it would do better with a direct Pentax to E, but I didn't have that adapter.
  14. slackercruster

    Leica M & Zeiss ZM on Sony

    Yes, if you are doing edge critical work then LM superwides can be an issue. But the only way I will shoot the Sony is with M lenses. I hate dummied down lenses these camera companies are making nowadays. The M lenses offer manual focus, aperture and are small.
  15. slackercruster

    Leica M & Zeiss ZM on Sony

    15 2.8 is a great lens, but you get some vignetting. Natural vignetting is not a problem for a lot of my photos, so I don't care.(These are not from the 15, but will give you an example of how I don't mind a little vignetting.) https://danielteolijr.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/crazy-copyright-1975-daniel-d-teoli-jr-mr.jpg?w=450&h=450&crop=1 https://danielteolijr.files.wordpress.com/2016/11/selection-from-americans-60-years-after-frank-2016-daniel-d-teoli-jr-mm.jpg If vignetting is an issue, you can use a special Zeiss ND filter to counter it. If you are looking for razor sharp edges then forget it. But again, edges are not usually a concern to what I shoot. The one bad thing I dislike about the 15 is it is very heavy. But it is built like a tank. I dropped my twice from a table onto the floor. One time on carpet, one time on wooden floor. No problems...took it like a champ!