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  1. Formatting will delete all of the images
  2. I don’t think it can. I remember people were bummed out that they weren’t able to have a built in Time-lapse app like with the A7Rii.
  3. Mine seems a bit smoother now as well. my lenses were at room temperature & the camera was really cold when delivered (around 30 degrees outside that day) so I’m thinking that the temp difference may have had a small influence on it as well
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I’m hoping it’s the weather sealing, lens changes with my A7Rii were buttery smooth: now it feels like I might damage the lens or camera if Iaccidentally squeeze in the wrong spot. Did you experience the heavy resistance after turning the lens 10-15 degrees? I’m hoping it’s the weather sealing
  5. Just received my A7Riii and noticed that I was getting a really significant amount of resistance when attaching a Lens. Has anyone else run into this? I think I may have received a defective camera
  6. Did anyone out there recently purchase an A7Rii and now have plans to sell it for the A7Riii? I purchased an Rii in May (which I'm really happy with), but I wasn't sure deprecation wise what was worse: putting the camera through its paces for the next few years or preordering the A7Riii and selling the A7rii within a few weeks? I feel like the latter will put me on pace to reduce the depreciation hit during latter upgrades. Any input is appreciated?
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