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  1. You might want to consider the Laowa 15mm f2. IMO, one of the sharpest uwa. Light weight, but very solid construction.
  2. I am with the guys. Keep your a73. The AF is not gonna be that much difference. I much rather wait for the a9ii, THEN buy a used a9 as a second body. Well, that’s actually my plan now
  3. The stellar lenses imo 24 GM, 50 Sony Planar 1.4, 85GM and the 85mm f1.8, the sigma 105 f1.4. Not sure how the 135 GM plays out, so can’t comment on that yet. Again depends on what you prefer to shoot. Since you’re well covered from 24-300, albeit slower lens, you probably want to zoom into something that you would shoot a majority of your time. I would suggest that u check back your past photos and see what genre you shoot more, then what reach you’re more likely to shoot. Like if you have a preference to do street and likely to shoot between 28-35, then a 28 f2 or the 35 f1.4 is a good start. In this way, the prime lens you get, gets more mileage rather than have it sitting at home Only then should you zoom into looking at what lens to get
  4. Don’t worry. As Long as it doesn’t escalate to GAS reminds me of the first time I got the R2 with the 2470 GM and 70200 GM. Bliss.
  5. Trade off depends again on individual. My preference is bokeh and a fast lens. So I would never get an f4. But to you, you may prefer the flexibility. So it really depends on individual. So... if you’re leaning to the zoom, then you should really consider also the tamron, if the cost is similar. The extra stop gives you a wee bit advantage.
  6. If Budget is a concern, you can consider the nifty fifty 50mm f1.8 (I’ve never used or owned this lens). The 28mm f2 is also an awesome lens (to many, but not to my liking). And lastly, my favourite low cost lens, and IMO, the best Low cost lens that’s Sony has is the 85mm f1.8. One of the best portrait lens imo. Very fast AF too. Perhaps too tight for street but I know some people do use that as their walkabout lens, so it’s a personal preference. An alternative to the 2470 f4 is the tamron 28-75 f2.8 too. But I’m not sure what’s the cost there like but it’s comparable to the Sony here, and you gain a stop. Just be sure to have it updated to the latest firmware. Hope it helps keep shooting
  7. Hi. 16-70 is an apsc lens. You need to shoot in apsc mode which will bring it down to 18 mp. You should consider the 24-70 f4 and not consider the 16-70... it depends on your preference. Would you rather shoot at f4, but have the flexibility of the Zoom, or an f1.8 on 55. What suits someone might not suit you. I would suggest renting the 24-70, and shoot for a few days. Then check your photos and see the reach you normally shoot. You can also fix on 55mm on the 24-70, and see whether you’re comfortable with the reach, or prefer something tighter or wider. You need to shoot more to understand your preference/choice of style. If it’s my choice, it’s always 55mm all day Long. (Actually the Planar 50mm f1.4 is my preferred lens at this reach) because I like a shallower DOF, but that’s through owning and selling many lenses to finally knowing what I like.
  8. I totally agree. The 24GM is my go to lens now for majority of my shots. I pair it up with the Sigma 105 1.4 and occasionally with the 50 1.4, but the 24 is such a versatile lens. If considering a 2470 with the 24, one has to ask if the extra stops is what you need. If you’re comfortable with shooting at 2.8, then pay a bit more and you get a slightly slower lens, but you get more reach. Both Lenses are great...
  9. You should consider then renting the 28mm f2. That’s a great size lens and I think it’s the next cheapest lens. It’s a very good travel size lens.
  10. I love the sigma 105. I really do. Only problem is the weight, but I’m still hanging on to it because I just love the bokeh of that lens and something tells me I’d regret totally if I sell it for the 85 GM. Wrt to your question, I think you got to ask yourself why you are ridding the a7s for the a73. What do you not like about the 7s. For portraiture, a fast AF is not crucial, because you got the time to get it right... unless you need the resolution... if I’m in your shoes, I’d keep the a7s, and purchase the 55mm.
  11. Hi. IMHO, the 85 f1.8 is one of the best lenses to own. It’s affordable, the AF is very fast, and the IQ is comparable with that of the GM (IMO). That’s the easy bit. Whether to offload the 50 and go for 35 purely depends on you. The only person to answer that is yourself because of your comfort in shooting at whichever focal length and how wide open you want it to be. For me, my go to length is 24. I find the 28 & 35 too tight for my comfort and only use the 50mm when I want to get close ups. It’s a personal preference. If it’s my decision, I’ll not sell the nifty because the resale value is really not great. I’d rather save up longer and get the 35 or the 28. Hope it helps.
  12. I owned both lenses at the same time once. The AF on 85 to me, is slightly faster. The 55 is already quite fast. Only if your shoot both lens side by side with similar lighting can you feel the diff.
  13. My own opinion is both lenses are very different and should not be lump together. If Budget is a concern and only allows for one lens, then go for the length you’re most comfortable with, as that would mean you would also use it more. Both lens are very mobile and light. The 55mm is thinner. I personally feel the AF on the 85 is exceptional. It’s one lens in which I field that it’s comparable with the GM version. Im not a big fan of the 55mm as I feel the bokeh is not creamy enough. But that’s subjective. I used it for a good 6 mths but switched to the 50 Zeiss as the rendering is simply out of the world, albeit a much heavier lens. If I’m in your shoes, I’d go for the 85 as the tamron would cover the 50 length Hope it helps.
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