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  1. seeing they are my photos and my choices how about no....how about you layoff the useless input
  2. got some shooting, much better pulled it out of auto and im much happier
  3. alright thank you, i will likely sell the 28-70 lens and look for something sharp...I pretty much shoot wide all the time so maybe ill find a 28 or 35 mm prime that has good optics. I did just order a samyang 14mm f2.8 for astrophotography, started really to enjoy that aspect and started doing it on my a5000 on kit lens and now with the a7ii on the kit lens....so maybe this lens will show that its just the lens...im hoping its not the body thats for sure
  4. Hmm i dont know anyone with a sony camera to borrow off....i do have a meke 35mm apsc 1.7f lens in the mail somewhere i can try when it arrives...i bought the camera and lens second hand it had 2000 shutters...so i think im out of luck with sony doing anything either. Im afraid to buy another lens at this point because im not sure if its the camera or lens. This shot seems sharp..this is the 28-70 kit lens with a 10mm meke extension tube.
  5. Thanks jaf...i believe i have some kind of issue...its almost like its not able to focus at all on landscape, if i do a macro or have something in the foreground it will focus...but i have 15-20 landscapes ive tried with it on burst and not one has focused....its on auto with afc on and selected to wide...face detect off. Im guessing this lens or camera has an issue. here are some shots...in full auto as im just trying to see what the camera will do...as you see nothing is really in focus hardly, where if i shot that with my sony a5000 it would be all in focus. However i do a close up lik
  6. honestly having issues with all the images having noise...day/ night / afternoon and iso doesnt seem to be the factor...also totally unsharp images as well...Not sure what is going on but my a5000 had better pictures then this. Im confused what is happening this was shot at iso 800 and f4 28mm. The lack of detail and noise is not what i expected...i dont know how my images were far better with a sony a5000
  7. I just upgraded from a sony a5000...now have a sony a7ii with 28-70mm kit lens and ive only had it a couple days but im having an issue with noise. Shoot a couple photos last night and i dont understand why its so noisy in comparison to my a5000. I had it in manual focus, 3.5 aperture, 28mm, 1600-3200 iso and 15 second shutter. Im shooting in raw uncompressed and long exposure noise reduction off. Tried to battle the noise in lightroom but no luck. Really amateur so im sorry if this has been covered or simple fix. Aside from the noise issue this camera is very nice...little advanced for me b
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