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  1. Has anyone tried the combos and can say anything about the sharpness of the lenses on that body?
  2. The Sigma 16 1.4 is one of the best wide lenses for aps-c, of all systems. It's one of my go to lenses for weddings.
  3. Have anyone tried it with the A6400? How fast is it focusing on that body?
  4. Has anyone tried the Godox AD360 with X1 transmitter and if it works with hss with the above cameras?
  5. Anybody using their A6400 for wedding work? Some people say that one card slot is a dealbreaker, but I've always backed up my cards several times during the day and so far had no card failure, and I also use several cameras with different primes. The small formfactor for the A6k line are light and uncumbersome and make me be able to focus on being creative rather than carrying heavy gear. What's your thought's on the subject? And do you like your A6400's for psid work? I currently use A6300's but saving up for the better AF.
  6. I was looking for an official number for the A7ii for shutter life expectancy but couldn't find anything on sonys page. On other bodies like A7Rii iii snd A6400 A6600 and so on they state how much the shutter has been tested for. If ypu google it you get unconfirmed 200k, but that isn't from sony themselves so Im suspicious about that. Btw, how much worse is the af on the 7ii compared to the 7rii?
  7. How fast is AF on the 56 1.4? Can it double as a "sports" lens, the few times when I shoot stuff running towards me with my A6000, like dogs, horses and people. Is it fast enough for AF-C tracking for above purpose?
  8. Are there any officiall numbers for the A6000 and A6300 when it comes to shutter life? I know that the A6500 has been rated to be tested for 200k. But what about the A6000 and A6300?
  9. What does it meanwhen manufacturers say that the camera will autofocus at - X ev?
  10. Do you think that the A7Rii in combination with an A6000 is good enough to do pro work? Like weddings and portrait stuff? Even though they have one card slot? Ive heard about Western Digital wireless harddrives with SD backup to work around one card. If you backup regularly it should minimize the risks enough right? I saw a youtube video of a dude who shoots canon rp with only one slot who does that, and also how did guys like lanier do it before the a7riii with two slots?
  11. I have only been able to find test with high res shots taken in aps-c mode on a7rii, is there any tests on 24 megapixel cameras like the a6000 series? How does it perform wide open and/or closed to wide open?
  12. Anyone tried Tamron 90 VC (Latest version as of october 2017) with an adapter like Sigma MC11 or Metabones IV or V on A7 and/or A7RII? Is it possible to get reliable focus for portrait and general use? For macro I only use manual focusing.
  13. If I expose correct withing a couple of stops maximum, is it really any advantage in real life to use uncompressed raw in the A7RII?
  14. This lens is supersharp, lightweight, relatively cheap and soooo good. Just an ode to this superb lens!
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