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  1. I'm having problems getting a shutter count on my A6000. I tried the tools.science website and it says my camera isn't supported. I've tried shuttercounter.com and it says "no shutter info found". And exiftool wants $29.00 to join. I've been able to find shutter counts on Canon and Nikon DSLRs with ease, but it's not so easy with the Sony, and I'm getting frustrated. I have a feeling I'm doing something wrong, but am not sure what. Can anyone assist?
  2. I have an A6000 which I shoot with old Contax Zeiss and Nikon AIS manual lenses. I was considering the purchase of one of Sony's full frame A7 models. My plan was to rent one of these cameras and check it out, but I have a question. I've been using Fotga brand CY-NEX and Nikon-NEX adapters to use these lenses on my A6000. Can I use these same adapters on a full frame A7* camera without the picture being reduced to crop mode? I'm fairly certain these would work fine, but I wanted to be sure before renting the unit. Thanks in advance for responses.
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