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  1. Hey I finally went and purchased a Sony A6000, as I caught a good sale on a bundle at sams club got the display camera bundled with 18-55 lens and 55-210 lens for $ 584.00 plus tax. I couldn't pass it up, my plan for camera is to mostly capture sports, those sports being Basketball and Soccer. Occasionally I will also do family photos but mostly for friends. I was wondering if anyone had any settings suggestions I should try or suggestions on lenses/ accessories I should pretty much immediately purchase. Thanks for all suggestions and help.
  2. Hello my name is Gerard, i am a new member from Baltimore, MD. I will be purchasing a Sony a6000 or a6500 within the next ten days , but I wanted to go ahead and join the forum in advance. If anyone knows where the best deals/discounts are please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks and I look forward to meeting new people throughout the forum.
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