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    Rest on Stairs

    A street photo. In Cáceres Spain. Unesco World Heritage Site. Ilce7M2 ¬ SEL1224 F24mm f/5.6 1/40s ISO640
  2. Between Aljucen, La Nava de Santiago and Merida is located the Dehesa de Lácara with the Dolmen corridor. Thanks to its conservation and size it is worth a visit. There is only a slight detour from the famous Ruta/Vía de la Plata. The aim is to enhance the tumulus as well as the arch of the Milky Way over the horizon. The surroundings are still worth visiting by day... SONY A7II & SEL1224Gf/4 30s F12mm ISO2000 CAPTURE ONE 20 & ICE
  3. Good shoot and edition
  4. Some views from Los Barruecos, Natural Monument in Extremadura, Spain. Milky way and Startrail Sony A7II SEL28F20 with fisheye adaptor . f/3.5 ISO3200 30s Capture One process f/3.5 ISO 4000 67s Capture One process f/3.5 ISO4000 30s
  5. jmgul


    a great picture. I like that romantic hue
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