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    Adrichardson got a reaction from Lucas in Have I made a mistake with the 55mm 1.8?!   
    You'll have to go a long way to beat the 55/1.8...  You absolutely could pair it with the 24-105, but you might want to explore other primes as well (the 85/1.8 in particular)...
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    Adrichardson reacted to Adrichardson in What lenses to take on a trip to Egypt   
    Whereabouts are you going? Remember that some sites wo the let you bring a camera in (Valley of the Kings and Giza).
    I did a Nile cruise a few years back and took my then a580, 16-80, 35/1.8 and 70-300. Most used lens from my existing data was the 16-80 at both ends, so I'd go with the 24-105 (I didn't particularly feeling like I was missing a uwa).
    It'll cover you for architectural shots, internal shots and environmental portraits (you'll definitely see some interesting characters!). No real need for a fast prime. You might want something longer if you're on a boat, but 105mm isn't a bad compromise.
    If I was doing it again, I'd either take my 35/2.8 and travel ultra light or rent a 24-105. Hope this helps!
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    Adrichardson got a reaction from Sinan in A7 ii tiny kick/bump feel when turning on or off   
    It sounds like the sensor cleaning vibrate you get on a-mount bodies (in which case it's probably normal). I think they mentioned something about auto cleaning being included...
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