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  1. Manually transferring them definitely gives you more control. Personally I drop them into thematic folders, eg my travel folder has sub-folders for countries, then locations, and dates. I've fixed computers where people have let Lightroom auto-import and the mess was very distressing. I'd also strongly advise against treating your memory card as a backup or archive. They're the least reliable storage medium you have, so you're just giving yourself a false sense of security.
  2. Sounds like there's something up with your setup - all the exif data should be populated. How are you managing your files? Sony has a couple of free options. https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/image-editing-video-production-software
  3. The 40mm is also worth considering - I find 50mm can be a bit narrow for travel.
  4. Thanks - my 2nd copy also had issues (high drain in use), so I've decided to give the 24-105 a whirl instead. The serial numbers were sequential, so it may have been a bad batch. Hopefully not a camera problem! A7iv and a Tamron g2 sounds like a very fun setup!
  5. It's possible they've relaxed the rules. The last group I know who went couldn't take photos, but that was back in 2019. Yeah I'm pretty lucky living around here. Great city, beautiful scenery, but I can still get into Londin for work. Dad was in the RAF when I was growing up so we did our fair share of moving around too.
  6. From memory the only site we went to where where cameras were outright banned was Valley of the Kings, but it looks like there's a permit now. If you're on a tour there, talk to your guide (they're amazing) about a permit before you go in. They're still banned at the pyramids as I understand it. Watch out for people selling fake permits. If you're not sure if you need a permit, the guide will know. Tripods definitely won't work with a tour. They move too quickly (I got lost a couple of times even without one). I'm in the UK (Cambridge).
  7. You'll definitely pay for a tripod if they're allowed at all. Even if it's as quiet as it was when I went, it'll be more hassle than it's worth and will be a magnet for beggars. I shot handheld in the usual temples with an a580 and a 16-80 f3.5-4.5. With the a7riii's high iso performance, you should be fine handheld. I think you can buy a photography permit for Valley of the Kings now, but it might be an add-on. Cameras were banned there back when I went. But it from the ticket office and don't believe anyone who tries to sell you one outside.
  8. No problem - it's an incredible trip and I'm very jealous! I've recently gone back to the 24-105 as I wasn't a big fan of the rendering on the 28-200. The weight isn't that bad and I prefer the native Sony AF. Before you go, lay in a good stash of low-value bank notes (dollars or Egyptian £. You'll be paying bakshish pretty much constantly!
  9. No problem! A telephoto is definitely useful from the boat. If it's your first trip to Egypt, bear in mind you'll never be alone at any sites - there's usually a ton of "helpful" locals who will descend on you at the first opportunity. Don't wear a watch or other conspicuous valuables (other than the camera) and practice being rude and grumpy. Even without the dust issues, I wouldn't change lenses in public. If you go to Philae, the 16-35 might be a good shout, especially if you take the 28-200. The 24-240 is one to avoid - the 28-200 and 24-105 beat it convincingly. The 24-105 has the advantage over the 28-200 at the wide end and you'll probably find that more valuable than the telephoto end at the temples.
  10. I took an apsc setup to Egypt about 10 years ago. Looking over exif data, I used my 16-80mm for 90% of my keepers (only about 25% in the 16-24mm range) and the 70-300mm for a handful of shots from the boat. I didn't use the wide end nearly as much as I expected, as the shooting opportunities weren't there (this was just after the Arab Spring, so it was very quiet). If you're on an organised tour, you'll have to run and gun to some extent. Could you rent a 24-105? In my experience you won't get a ton of use out of the 16-35mm and will need something longer for detail shots. Obviously you cavy change lenses in the field. I'd be worried about the Sigma in those conditions given the dust issue and 70mm might not give you enough reach at sites like Karnak.
  11. Sorry it's an A7r iii, just over a year old. The batteries are genuine Sony and 6 - 12 months old (tried 3 different ones). I left my 50/2.5 on it over night and it's still showing 100% charge.
  12. Hi there I got my 28-75mm G2 last week and have noticed some battery drain issues when the camera is off. I took the usual couple of test shots on Friday and left it in my bag overnight. The next morning the battery was dead. I popped in a fresh battery, the next evening it was down to 23% when I turned the camera on. I put in another battery last night (92%), this morning it was at 72%. I don't have the problem with any other lenses and the batteries are genuine Sonys, so I'm guessing it's the lens. Has anyone noticed anything similar?
  13. No problem - I took the 24 and 35 to Sicily, but didn't kept them in the end. AF is a nuisance and corners are a real problem for both lenses. I think part of the problem is a combination of heavy vignetting (which introduces noise when corrected) and general optical softness. On top of that, the 24mm is quite hard to correct for. I ended up going with the 28/2 instead.
  14. AF performance will be worlds apart. Adapted AF lenses were fine for filling gaps, but they can't compete with native lenses unfortunately. Have you thought about the 70-300? If you don't need f2.8, it'd solid option
  15. At that price, you'd have been crazy to say no! Enjoy using it.
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