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  1. ron777

    Block non photographic ads!

    Hello Holmes4, I wasn't writing in regard to pop up ads or anything of the kind but, rather, ads placed directly on this site that represent a clear attempt to market products that are unrelated to photography. To wit, a retailer's attempt to market herbal products. In this current milieu, where everyone appears to be offended by something, I find these marketer's ads offensive. Of course, i can ignore them, but a site manager—IMO— can and should delete them.
  2. It has been my understanding that this is a camera specific forum, and not a platform for the marketing of non photographic products. particularly, those of questionable value? Should they not be blocked from posting?
  3. I'm fairly certain that front curtain shutter is off, but I will check just the same. But if that were the problem, would it not occur all of the time? I guess that shutter pressure might be a more likely explanation, since I have the default, focus with shutter engaged after finding back button focus to be a bit of a hit and miss scenario for me (meaning, I often inadvertently pressed the wrong button). Thanks for your input
  4. My a7rIII, on occasion, behaves in an odd fashion. I was out shooting yesterday, and with the camera in single shot drive mode, a solitary press of the shutter release resulted in the sound of the shutter firing twice in rapid succession. This has happened before, but it is entirely intermittent and unpredictable. Operationally, it does not interfere with the shooting process, but it is a strange occurrence and I wonder if others have had a similar experience?
  5. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    Actually, if the battery grip were to be removed, the case would likely require some adjustment, but with the grip attached the camera and lenses fit perfectly ... not too snug and not the least bit jiggly.
  6. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    The LowePro Toploader AW 75 II arrived yesterday, and straight out of the box—without any adjustment to the movable partitions— it is a perfect fit for the Sony A7rIII with battery grip attached, as well as either the 16-35mm F/2.8 GM or 24-70mm F/2.8 GM attached.
  7. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    The CaseLogic sling does appear to be a unique feature, and their holsters are clearly inexpensive (relatively speaking), but the LowePro should arrive tomorrow and I'll post my impression after I've had a chance to inspect it.
  8. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    The ThinkTank digital holster 40 V2 arrived a few moments ago—the Lowepro is still pending— and it is clearly inappropriate for the A7rIII. It is way too wide and there is no shelf to support the camera body. And this result, after speaking with a ThinkTank rep regarding the appropriate holster for the aforementioned camera and battery grip combo. This will mark my second and last ThinkTank product. The Lowepro Toploader 75 AW photos, available on the Internet, appear to show a shelf to support the body, but I now have my doubts about this case as well ... only time will tell.
  9. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    Thank you, KeepCoding, but the Peak design sling is not my style of bag, furthermore, I prefer a case that allows for the lens down position ... easier to grab camera in a hurry. Thank you Jaf-Photo for your suggestion and, yes, I noticed that it is made for a DSLR but might work for the A7rIII. Despite my disdain for the order/return process, I will be ordering Lowepro and ThinkTank (had a bad experience with a prior Thinktank shoulder bag) holsters to determine which works best, the least functional to be returned.
  10. Which Case Logic holster are you using?

  11. ron777

    Shoulder Bag for A7rIII

    Following an exhaustive search, it appears that, despite the reviews mentioned above, Lowepro, Think Tank and Case Logic control the field in holster style cases suitable for a camera/zoom combination. With that in mind, I have encountered—on the Internet—the Case Logic DSH-103 Luminosity Large Pro DSLR Holster. It's not clear from the photos if this case might not be a tad too large for the A7rIII/24-70mm GM combo ... anyone with knowledge of this case?
  12. Hi, I am accustomed to carrying my cams in a shoulder bag with lens of the moment attached. I have several very large bags that suffice for travel, since they hold most of my needed gear, but I would like to find a shoulder bag—day bag— that can accommodate just the A7rIII with the FE 24-70mm F/2.8 GM attached, either in the lens down position or horizontal. I've tried ThinkTank, and was underwhelmed by their quality and flimsy Velcro separators. I own several different Billingham bags (335,445 and small Hadley), but they are a nuisance to open and close without placing the bag on a stable surface, as opposed to hanging from one's shoulder. And before I begin the nauseating process of ordering and returning, I'm wondering if any of you photogs have encountered such a bag? This is not an issue of economics but, rather, one of function. Thank you in advance.
  13. FedEx just delivered a brand new Sony 90mm F/2.8 G Macro OSS from B&H and there are no seals whatsoever on the outer box. Several weeks ago I received, from the same reseller, a new 24-70mm F/2.8 GM and its box did not have a seal either. Both lenses were manufactured in Thailand, but I'm not sure that has any bearing on the absence of seals.
  14. I wonder if the seal that you are referring to is a characteristic of Sony cameras sold outside of the U.S. All of my Sony cams and lenses have come from B&H Photovideo (have dealt with them for over 35 years) and while there have not been any seals, it did not appear that the boxes had been opened (the box top tabs were perfectly intact, plastic bags around camera and accessories were sealed with tape and were not wrinkled, like they might have been if someone had removed them and then repacked).