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  1. Hi, I'm not so good in English, so forgive me, my mother language is Finish. I have used Minolta when they introduced first time AF system and still using some of the Minolta lenses. I'm not so sure that E-lenses are better than A-lenses, specially in the APS-C size. Example the Zeiss 16-70mm for E and Zeiss 16-80mm for A, the only big difference is the size on a6500 body with the adapter on the 16-80mm. I got the Minolta AF APO TELE Zoom 80-200mm F2,8 in condition really like new for 400€, I could not get anything like that for E-mount with that price. I'm wondering how cheap those A-mount lenses can be, so I'm for sure looking on those in future and keeping those adapters I have for A-mount lenses.
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