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  1. Have you ever updated the firmware on your A99 since the original?
  2. Are there users here that are running Sony a99 and A550 cameras. These are the two cameras I use and I have questions on how to use them best for fill lighting shooting and outdoor wedding for example. I using the Zeis 24-70 2.8 in the a99 with a Sony HVL-F32M Flash and a prime 50 mm 1.4 on the a550 with a Sony HLV-42AM Flash
  3. I have a number of lenses for my a550 but I get a number of water spots when shooting with my el cheapo Sony SAL1855. I think I have narrowed it down to that lens but have tried cleaning the front of the lens and both sides of the clear filter and the spots seem to continue. I'm afraid to clean the inner part of the lens and wouldn't know how to clean inside the camera on the mirror or whatever. Any suggestions.
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