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    martti_s got a reaction from Pieter in Did I fry my Sony A7iii?   
    You did what?
    You had a 3rd-party battery unit and you screwed a screw in the living body of your 7AIII?
    Do you know what?
    You are the reason why the prices are so high and why nobody wants to give camera owners insurance.
    You need a new camera. And an adult to watch what you are doing so that you do not harm yourself.
    NO! the moves you described are not warranty or insurance issues.
    You killed your camera. Guilty as charged.
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    martti_s got a reaction from blispix in How to get the best out of your Alpha 7 III   
    Found a great operating instruction that I saved on my Evernote / Android. You can find it
    The Northups also have a tutorial for the A7RIII which sort of applies to the regular A 7 III.
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    martti_s got a reaction from Ilya in October portrait (vintage lens)   
    I have the Jupiter 3. I tried to fix it but could not get it to focus very far. I lost interest.
    I like very much the 'air' in your pictures. Very unlike the stuff usually on these forums. Call it soul if you like.
    edit: I saw your Instagram feed.  Beautiful stuff.
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    martti_s reacted to Lescatalpas in Which fast lens?   
    The 55 1.8 zeiss is amazing, I would consider that lens for sure, certainly for indoors. And in stead of prime I would consider the 16-35. If you have money to burn the f/2.8 and otherwise the f/4.  Both are amazing.  The new 24 is still an unknown, but it's going to be g master, so I would bet that's a candidate. 
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    martti_s got a reaction from scrane in Have I made a mistake with the 55mm 1.8?!   
    Dear friend,
    You have two choices. It is up to you to decide. 
    1) You stick with the 55mm f/1.8 and concentrate on getting everything right with one length. I promise you, it will not be easy. So many things to learn: Where to stand, how to frame, how to focus, how to make people behave the way you get your shots as you like them. Your camera can do exposure and focus if you set it up right but do you know how to set it up right? I warn you, the Sony menu system takes some time to get used to. Now, how are you planning to post-process your pictures? For what purpose? Do you have the software already, do you know how to get the best out of your shots? Once you start getting the idea, I promise you, you will totally fall in love with your 55mm...it is a magic lens.
    2) You send your 55mm back and get the zoom. Now you can use the zoom to figure out the framing of your shots but you have one more thing to learn and adapt to. At f/4.0 it is fast enough for all your purposes. You will not miss anything wider than 24mm for a while. In the long end, 105mm is just right for portraits. I have many lenses. If I am going to shoot something I cannot plan ahead, I take the zoom. (two zooms, to be exact). I have a Canon body and the two f/2.8 zooms. The 24-70 f/2.8 is always the first choice. 
    Yes, I also have the 55mm Zony f/1.8 for my A7III.  What a beautiful lens it is, but for all-around use, no match for a zoom.

    My advice would be: Go with the zoom. 
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    martti_s got a reaction from kalforever in First Lens for Sony A7III, Best Image Quality   
    Don't you just love Ken Rockwell and his growing family! He knows practically everything and his Mercedes is fabulous.
    If you want to be sure to have pictures of the outings you make, get the zoom.
    The 55mm is a nice all-purpose lens unless you are inside and there is nowhere to back up to get the distance to fit everything in.
    You need something wider.  Then you want to grab a portrait and the wide lens distorts the face...so much better to zoom in.
    Yes. The medium zoom is the way to go. With the ISO range of the Sony sensor, the f/4 aperture is not a problem.
    I have fast primes (Canon), they are nice in low light.  If I did not have the 24-70mm zoom, I'd go with the 35mm  f/1.4. I have 'always¨shot with a 35mm...well, since 1976 at least.
    As I have the zoom, that's my go-to lens.
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