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  1. Because my head is a mess and I am always thinking about something else, I set my camera to Auto ISO, f/125 and f/5.6 in M-mode. You are using 1/8 sec. A cyborg might be able shoot sharp at that speed hand held. Not me or you. In the situations where I have to freeze the movement, I go 1/1000. If I need 'bokeh' (and have on a lens that allows for it) I open the f–stop wide open. Shooting with a long lens, stabilized or not, hand-held 1/500 is good. The sensor is doing OK until ISO 1600. Of course, there are situations where I need longer times. Then I try to get suport from furniture
  2. You did what? You had a 3rd-party battery unit and you screwed a screw in the living body of your 7AIII? Do you know what? You are the reason why the prices are so high and why nobody wants to give camera owners insurance. You need a new camera. And an adult to watch what you are doing so that you do not harm yourself. NO! the moves you described are not warranty or insurance issues. You killed your camera. Guilty as charged.
  3. It was the same one you posted on this page, judging from the 'contrails' that were identical.
  4. It's been taken down now. I should have screenshotted it. I do not question your honesty. I just right-clicked on your picture and did 'search google' and Osaka popped up with your picture signed by somebody else. I checked the 'contrails', they were exactly the same. It was your photo. Happens. It is a good idea to check every now and then, especially a perfect shot like yours.
  5. Exactly. The updater that pops up does nothing but the one hidden lower down does the job. Out of my many cables, the Bose cable did the job. The pink supermarket cable did not find the camera.
  6. In case you are wondering about my question, do a Google image search on your picture and you will find it signed by somebody else, placed in Osaka. World is strange.
  7. How big is a big print in your terminology? With 24MB you get up to 16" x 24" photo quality. How close is the viewing distance? Where will the pictures be displayed? Do viewers carry microscopes?
  8. Probably you are looking at circular movement blur. Your camera turns slightly as you press the shutter. I cannot understand how at that distance you could get the cockpit and the tail out of focus while having the center of the fuselage in focus. Try with a tri- or a monopod and a shorter time. With Sony you can be liberal with high ISOs.
  9. No. DPR Sony threads have much more relevant things. This is a zombie site.
  10. In case you think that I am a bot, I am not a bot, I am a person. I even take pictures. My education keeps me from giving an adequate description of the quality of the platform of this site but it is totally inadequate to host photographs. I do not think I will spend any more time here. I bow, I go.
  11. Get the zoom. It goes really wide. Then at 35mm, it is a normal lens. Unless you do astrophotography where the f/1.4 is good. You'll find much more use for the zoom.
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