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  1. The spikes on this animal are connected to venom glands. If you brush against them the tips break easily and you are injected with painful venom. A6000 w/24 1.8
  2. Wanderer


    In natural light with a6000 and 1.8 24.
  3. Wanderer

    Spring over

    Excellent photography. Very impressed with the second and last. The first I think is unflattering to her as she looks exaggeratedly bow-legged.
  4. Wanderer


    Yikes those sparkling lips! Well done.
  5. Lovely. Has a Renaissance feeling.
  6. Bonita chica...mmm...pero flaca. Muy buenas fotos.
  7. The first is lovely. Very well done even though I am no fan of b&w.
  8. I second the second, more expressive.
  9. I agree what was wrong with the color original? Black and White lacks interest for me.
  10. Wanderer


    With Sony a6000 and 24 1.8 in natural light.
  11. I like the first and second the best. I think she's a bit lost against the tree in the third. I am familiar with Conceptual Art from the '70s but I don't see how the term "conceptual" applies to these images.
  12. Wanderer


    Thanks for your comments. I agree about the leaves. It was a brief opportunity and had I had more time I would have tried different aperture settings to soften the leaves.
  13. With a6000 and 24 1.8 An endemic Colombian anole: Anolis ventrimaculatus
  14. Pretty well hidden. Looks like our Common Potoo.
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