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  1. Really appreciate the time you took in the post. Very informative. In regards to the V90 SD card, what is the minimum read/write speed that this card needs to be to record 4K, 120, 4:2:2?
  2. Thank you for the responses. I apologize, but I should have clarified that I'm fine with the 10% crop. I knew that going in. I'm not willing to compromise on the 4K or the 120 frame rate. Your point about the bitrate (16 vs 10) is exactly why I'm confused. I'd like to record 4K, 120, 4:2:2 with a 10% crop on an external recorder with the a7siii.
  3. Ultimately, I need to record at 4K, 120, 4:2:2. I can't compromise on that. I know that I need the CFexpress card to do so internally. But the 160 Gig card is $400. It's not cheap so I was thinking that perhaps I should just go with an external recorder like the Shogun so that I can have a harddrive, along with the monitor and XLR inputs. Yes, this is $1200 but that's why I'm looking for advice. Im confused as to the Shogun's recording. It's listed at 4K, 60, 4:2:2, but someone told me that their recent firmware upgraded the 60 framerate to 120....so it will be able to recor
  4. I'm using an a7sii, with 85 lens, and Ronin M. I'm shooting two people wrestling. I'm having all types of problems focusing because the wrestling is dynamic so there is a fair amount of movement. Ultimately, the focus drifts off and then finds itself after a few seconds, but this severely compromises the film. My settings F/2.8, shutter 100, continuous focus, wide, face recognition on If I was simply using the camera on its own, I would hold the shutter button until focus is reached and I could move around, but this is impossible with the Ronin because you are using both h
  5. I'm looking to live stream onto my Facebook business page with my a7sii. What would I need to do so (hardware, software, accessories)? This is for marketing my business and we're focused on Facebook, so a suggestion of YouTube or Livestream wouldn't work.
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