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  1. I ended up selling my A7R and lenses. They were just bloody awful. Even at half the price they would be disappointing for shooting anything more animated than landscapes. I lost a $hitload of money on this but I went back to Nikon with a D810 and I'm getting some great images again. I know that people on here will always extol the virtues of Sony because they own one, but the reality is they are too slow, badly designed expensive cameras. Best of luck to the Sony owners but I'll be doing my best to warn people off buying any kind of Sony camera in the future.
  2. And for the life of me I can't help but wonder if after 10 posts in the thread already, that the best comment you could chime in with (as an advanced member) was a question that had already been established clearly already.... hands down the most unhelpful post in this whole thread - must be a kiwi thing
  3. Wow that's a very interesting perspective addicted2light and potentially game changing for me. I'm confused though with regard to the Minolta lenses, are they autofocus capable with the adapter or are they only manual? I've seen various reviews saying both, whilst some others say that they autofocus but very very slowly. I'm please go the Minolta route if they autofocus.
  4. This button. When following Gary Fong he said that the lever needed to be switched down to the AEL position though where in this photo it is up - either way it's the button not the lever that I've mapped
  5. I'm back button focusing with the AF/MF button flipped to AEL and press it. I've also tried the shutter but neither of them track the eye. There could be a possibility that I didn't assign the button correctly as I did it while watching the Gary Fong video. I noticed his menu was quite different from my Sony so perhaps I didn't do it correctly.
  6. Thanks for your feedback but as I mentioned I watched a lot of online reviews 9conflicting but interesting) and read a heap of credible reviews (always subjective) and also spoke to Sony Alpha team support on more than one occasion. As a result of all of that I purchased the A7R so it wasn't just an impulse purchase. I clearly purchased the wrong body and am dearly missing my 800E and the truth is I'd buy another one tomorrow if I could sell this damn A7R for a decent price - I know it has potential but I really hate just about everything about it. I was just about to go through the various things I like about it but apart from the size there is not one thing I've been impressed with.
  7. Ok I just tried it an all I get is the focus square around the subjects face, the area is moderately well lit but absolutely nothing happens in regards to eye tracking or eye identification.
  8. Ok thanks, as soon as I get somebody to take some shots on i'll see if that makes a difference. I do recall having it set to continuous originally but for some reason I change that, perhaps because it wasn't working for me originally. Hopefully i'm wrong and this fixes the issue. Thanks again for your support.
  9. Great advice mate and I'm glad to hear that my thoughts (although painfully late) are in sync with yours. I do have the option to buy a A7R Mk ii second hand but it's just too expensive for me right now and unfortunately I don't know anybody locally that uses one. I can buy a reasonably prices A7 Mk ii second hand locally but then I have to run the risk of losing a heap of $$ on the A7R.... I've even asked people if they want to trade the two bodies but nobody wants to touch the A7R. I wouldn't say it's a lemon but for anything beyond landscape it's useless. In fact I had a few conversations with the Sony Alpha support team and the guy I spoke to each time assured me that he was a glamour photographer and that he used the A7R to great effect and it was based on his suggestion that I not get the A7 Mk ii but instead go with the A7R Mk I. Quite the dilemma and it's already cost me an amazing Nikon now it may cost me a lot of money when I sell this A7R. I hope to get rid of it and cover my costs. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for your help Alistair it's greatly appreciated, as somebody that has been shooting semi-pro for some years I feel like a total noob again and it ain't fun Body model - A7R Mi - ILCE-7R Lens - Sony FE 4/70-200 G OSS Meter settings - Multi Focus settings - DMF Drive settings - Single shooting Focus Are - Flexible Spot: M D-Range Optimizer: Auto let me know if I've missed something or need to provide more info. thanks again mate
  11. I recently moved from Nikon to Sony A7R. I covered a range of work from sport to glamour (studio and outdoor) and corporate photography. I knew that the sport would be a challenge to beat my Nikon 800E and Nikon fast lenses but I was ok with buying a A6000 to pick up the slack. After playing with the A7R and the 70-200 f4 OSS lens I've got to say that I'm really feeling like I made a bad decision despite all of the research and reviews I watched and read prior to making the jump. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hire or test drive an A7 series camera anywhere locally prior to my purchase. My main issue is the ridiculously slow autofocus, regularly unreliable focus (in less than perfect day light) and the ridiculous bazooka sounds of the shutter action. Now I can tell that by now some of you are probably sharpening your knives ready to stick me but I haven't made this post to offend. I'm actually hoping some of you can give me some confidence back to persist with the Sony A7R before I call it quits and go back to Nikon. The modelling photography is the main thing for me if I have to drill down to what is most important, perhaps I should have gone with the A7 Mii instead. What are you thoughts?
  12. I thought I had it on wide and metering set to multi so I just checked it and it is all set up correctly .. still not working though.
  13. Ok so when I got a chance to try out your suggestions I found that this error message occurs the second I press the AEL button that I've custom set. Subsequently I don't get any further into your instructions because of that. I've made sure my settings that you've outlined are the same but still no luck. Perhaps I'm not assigning the custom button correctly?
  14. Thanks for your replies guys. I was trying to do this in stills mode. I also tried to set the custom button as described above but it still didn't work. When I get home from work tonight I'll try your instructions ADWD, thanks for your help. I'll post the results of my efforts. I feel so clumpy going from Canon and Nikon to Sony... very confusing on various levels. Thanks again
  15. I just moved from Nikon to Sony A7R.... feeling quite daunted by the new interface and idiosyncrasies. I've posted my first real question to the A7R forum and my whole post disappeared.. not sure what I did wrong there.
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