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  1. Hello, first time posting here. Hope someone can help...


    Please see the attached pic, which says: "Image Database File error, Recover?"


    I own two cameras: the sony nex-5R and the A6000.


    This message appeared when I took the same SD card out of the 5R (after shooting with it and then formatting it) and then put it into the A6000.


    Then other SD cards, which I had NOT put into the 5R started to give me the same message in the A6000. Weird.


    I reformatted ALL my SD cards within the A6000 and they seem to work OK, but I'm just concerned I corrupted or damaged the cards--or worse, the camera!


    I researched a bit online and someone remarked they got the same message after switching the same SD card from a Canon 6D to a sony A6000, but I could not find a reason.


    What is this message? Can anyone shed some light? Any help is appreciated. Thanks kindly.




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