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  1. how are you doing time lapse on your a7riii? i have taken photos on mine in manual mode with a remote and it seems to have activity before activating shutter. i was busy and on a time constraint there fore did not investigate what was going on. photos were ok. i think it was refocusing even with manual focus set but dont really know. So i am interested in any solutions found here.
  2. ronaldwrightdallas

    Boxing Day hunt meet

    looks very nice. sharp and good blurring of background
  3. ronaldwrightdallas

    Samyang 24mm F2.8 - my experiences

    got mine recently. so far very happy at f8 and f11. f4 is a little fuzy on edges
  4. ronaldwrightdallas

    Looking for a landscape lens

    since you are used to non zoom lens consider getting some quality lenses or i chose to get the samyang 24 and 35 F2.8. when shooting landscape i never use wider than f8 anyway and these lens are pretty good at f8 and f11 and are very cheap while i consider getting the top quality lenses.
  5. ronaldwrightdallas

    I Tried to order an a6000 today but...

    i plan to sell my a6000 that i bought 2 months ago to try out as a travel camera. i liked it well enough that i will be buying a6500 in december and will not need a6000 also. interested?? perfect shape 1000 photo taken