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  1. I have tried with the automatic cleaning and blowing, but there are still dust on my sensor. Before I buy the expensive Arctic butterfly, can I try to remove the dust with this brush without damaging the sensor? Or what about using a swab with liquid directly. Can I do that and be sure that I don´t scratch the sensor with the dust on the surface?
  2. I already have a remote with a bulb function, but then I have to calculate the hdr steps myself and I want an automatic device or app to do that for me..
  3. Are there any Apps that can be used for hdr series with longer exp time than the max 30 sec. in the camera? I have the A7III and like to take night photos, but the limit at 30 sec. exp. time force me to use higher ISO and nearly wide open blenders and that gives not very good image quality at the final result. So if there are any in this forum who can help me, I would be very happy..
  4. Are ther any good zoom lenses in the range from 16 - 200 mm which will perform better than the 16-50 kit lens for A6000?
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