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  1. Sound great! Could you provide some eBay links? Would be great to know which adapter you're using. Thanks for that info! Will definitely take a look at these. Any decent images would also be great to see how the final results turn out.
  2. I can affirm, that that AF-C pulsing is pretty normal. I think it's because the camera "awaits" some kind of movement in that focus mode. If you're in the wild and framing a subject while walking AF-C works brilliant (given you have a lens capable of fast AF, like a Sony/Zeiss 35 or Zeiss Batis 85) it also does work great for sporty settings. Yes, that Milvus 2/50M looks (almost!) perfect for what I'm looking for. I'd also love that Touit 2.8/50M… But both lenses just seem to be work-arounds. If I'd buy a brand new lens I'd rather want it to be a native e-mount and 35mm full-frame instead of buying a brand new Zeiss where I'd need an adaptor or would have to shoot on a cropped sensor. There is no Batis 50 or 60, yet so there's still hope that a native Zeiss macro might be coming. In the meantime it's the Sony 50M vs 90M I guess – I'd rather go for the 90 in terms of speed and quality but the 50 is more up my alley in terms of focal-length. And then there's that vast amount of legacy lenses and classics. Leica R's are absolutely stunning glass to put in front of your camera only problem is that the required adaptors are pretty much non existent. So,… let's wait and see, I guess. I'll post some images as soon as I have any satisfying solutions at hand regarding the topic.
  3. Ok,… sorry for being so quiet after setting this thread up. I've been on the road over the weekend and didn't sync my forum-password to my mobile devices. You are right, that's strange but I will try to explain: I'm currently using the lovely Zeiss Sonnar® T* FE 35 as my everyday-lens and a Zeiss Batis 1.8/85 for portraits and some studio setups on my A7II. When I'm out in the wild I love to shoot macros from time to time. The 35mm is great but it's a bit too weak when it comes to focusing distance. I mentioned the Sony 50 because on one hand it would fit nicely in between the two focal length and on the other it's a standard (focal length) lens, that would also work well for some spontaneous shots, without the need to switch lenses. If I'd go for a longer focal length I'd be more restricted to portraits and tele shots. That's pretty much the reason I only mentioned the Sony 50. If it would exist I'd love a Batis 60mm Macro. The Sony Macro G OSS mit FE 90 mm F2.8 surely is a stellar lens but it's a wee bit too expensive for my taste and doesn't have the focal length I'm looking for. I like the convenience of AF but would be super confident with a pure MF lens. I also been looking at the old Leica R Lenses,… they seem to be a pretty good deal for the price but I cannot manage to find an adaptor that works for that purpose.
  4. Hey there everyone, I'm currently in the market looking for a great macro lens. The new FE 50mm F2,8 Macro looks promising but seems to be veeery slow in terms of af. And I unfortunately haven't seen any test images, yet. I'm curious if anyone out there is already shooting a great (lens(+adapter)+body) combo for macros with their A7II. Cheers, zʇɹɯ
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