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  1. Jeremy Walker, one of the best landscape photographers I have met, used a Nikon 45mm TS for all his panoramic landscapes for exactly that reason, lack of distortion. I have found that the Zeiss 55mm does an excellent job in replicating that - extremely sharp and great IQ, but in a very lightweight, compact and well made form.
  2. Sorry, I owned the 35 f1.4 for a year and never experienced anything like you are describing. I would investigate a refund/repair immediately.
  3. Hi all, Have noticed in my last two or three outings that using the A7Rii with the battery grip appears to drain the 1st battery even faster than when using the camera without the battery grip. Last night, I returned from shooting and took a single battery out of the grip to charge, leaving the 2nd battery in. The camera was switched off with the battery grip attached (also switched off), and I have just turned it on 24 hours later to find that the battery that was at 100% is now at 85%. Has anyone else found this occurring? Any solutions out there that I am missing? Many thanks, Alex
  4. Just info for anyone who may be thinking of using the G Master 24-70mm with the Lee 100mm system, in particular the Landscape Circular Polariser and Wide Angle 82mm adapter ring: The system works with no problems at all with a single filter slot and the polariser fitted. With two filter slots and the polariser fitted, there is very slight vignetting at 24mm and 3:2 aspect. This vignetting is gone by 27mm, and is barely present at 24mm when shooting 16:9. With three filter slots and the polariser fitted, there is significant vignetting at 24mm and it is present until 30mm+. Thank you for all who offered help, Admin I'm sure you can close the thread now, thank you.
  5. Hi Chris, Today I received almost exactly the same reply via email from the Lee Filters customer service, so when I get the chance this weekend I will check the vignetting with the different number of filter slots. Thank you very much for your reply.
  6. Thanks for your reply. The landscape polariser is the one I have been using, but it's good to know that it doesn't seem to present a problem with the f4.
  7. Hello all, I have recently purchased the 24-70mm G Master, and wish to use it alongside the Lee Filters 100mm system. However, in taking a shot today with the 105mm circular polariser attached, there was pretty severe vignetting. I tried checking the Lee Filters 'system match' prior to purchasing the lens, but there was no information on there with regards to the G Master lenses. Has anyone else found a problem with using the 100mm system, or specifically the 105mm circular polariser? Has anyone has success with the 150 system and this particular lens? Thanks, alh00020
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