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  1. I have a some different related questions to Center Lock-On autofocus. Is it correct when every time you want to use this feature, you need to go into your camera menu and select this function again? I was thinking that pushing the center button of my dial would activate this feature since my camera setting is still set to ON (i.e. when the camera was turned off and then back on for another time). However, it only seems to work when i go back to set that feature again within the menu. Is that correct? Is there a way to program a custom button of FN button to re-activate that option
  2. ok, thank you for the additional information and I now understand what is going on. My camera is operating like yours but the nuance that I was not getting is that when it was stated that the series functionality only works for MP4 files, that means it only works when you are recording in the MP4 mode. I realize that sounds obvious to some but where I was getting confused is that I am recording in the XAVC 4K video mode with also creates an MP4 file when I transfer the files from the SD card to my PC. Evidently, recording in MP4 mode and recording in XAVC 4K mode that creates a MP4 file
  3. I am recording in MP4 files on my A6500 and FDR-AX53. I don't know what Eddy from Sony Tech support was using on his A6300 as I did not think of asking that question. He forwarded my case to 2nd level tech support so when they call back, hopefully I can ask some additional questions. I appreciate your responses and assistance. Do you by chance have any of these similar cameras that can confirm my results with what you are getting on your video files? I assume likely not as you probably would have already shared that fact and your personal experience if you had either of my cameras, but
  4. For the Sony A6500, I already have this setting set to Series. As previously mentioned, I only have the reset issue on video file file names not photo file names. I therefore conclude that the SERIES settings is only applicable to the Photos which is behaving as I would expect it in the file numbers continue from where the last photo was taken regardless if the SD card was reformatted. Looking in the menu, I don't see separate setting options for Photo and Video unless I am missing a separate SERIES setting for Video File numbers.
  5. Hello, I have a Sony A6500 and Sony FDR-AX53 video camera and they are doing something that I was not expecting related to the video file name convention. On either camera, if I take a video file, the file convention name is similar, such as C0001, C0002, C0003, etc and incrementally goes up by one for each new video file created. If I remove all the existing video files from the camera SD Card, and then start taking more video files, the video file names continued where the last clip was taken so in my example, it continued from C0004 and incrementally went up from there. I also de
  6. I realize some of this is just poking fun, but just to be clear for those on the serious side, this is not when I am shaking the camera. I am just holding it in my hand and I can feel a slight vibration through the body due to my small hand movements. I again, suspect it is the image stabilization system working. Just curious if others feel the same and this is normal or something else.
  7. At this time, I purchased the Nissin i40 primarily due to its smaller size and being more balanced with the A6500. I am not overily impressed with two features on this flash though: that the flash cannot lay flat for storage and the amount of high pitched noise the internal flash mechanism makes during zoom movements (as compared to my Nikon Speedlite). With that said, the great used price I paid for it, I will keep it until a better option exists. Beside the entry level Sony flash (I think the FLVM 20 or similar) all of Sony's other flashes are much larger and expensive. The Gotox looks i
  8. I have a A6500 and when I have the camera on, but just hanging on to it waiting for my next photo opportunity, I am frequently feeling through a small vibration coming from the camera body. My first guess is that this is the optical image stabilizer trying to stabilize the camera even though I am not even trying to take a picture. The camera is just hanging from me neck or siting in my hand. Do others feel this as well or could there be something wrong with my camera? I am hoping that the camera is not constantly trying to keep the camera stabilized as that would seem to be a battery drain
  9. I have an A6500 and 18-200 Sony SLE18200LE lens coming and I am looking to understand any recommendation on external flashes. My expectation is with the 18-200 lens length, using the on-camera flash likely will experience some shadows, and when the existing camera flash is not powerful enough, it would be good to have a larger flash available even if I am able to get some descent shots. I have read about the Nissin i40 and my initial impressions is that I don't like it does not lay flat when folded out for storage and having manual dials vs LCD on the back. Based upon some you tube videos,
  10. This is just for personal use. My kids have a few events each year that it would be nice to be able to get some decent shots over the next few years. Even spending $2500 for one lens for this type of camera is still a questionable purchase for me due to its limited use. And, if I was willing to spend that much for one lens, would it not make sense to step into a different camera that has more lens options (think less money and different brands) then the limited options and high cost Sony lens. I know there are places that rent equipment as well, but they are not close, and the cost over
  11. I am looking for real use experience / recommendation on the Sony A6300 and associated lens for taking what one could argue is one of the harder shots to take without going to high end pro cameras and lens that cost a few thousand dollar: indoor action shots in which you need a zoom to get close enough to the subject with less than ideal lighting (think dance, indoor sports, etc.) I am coming from an older Nikon D80 with a Nikor 18-135 (F3.5-5.6) lens and taking any indoor action shots with it at zoom was not even possible. As I am looking to update my camera, I am looking to see what I w
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