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  1. JCC

    Street Lens for a7R II

    On your camera the 55 is very interesting in another way. With your eye to the viewfinder, and both eyes open, the images are in near perfect size sync allowing you to shoot both eyes open easily. JCC
  2. JCC

    Street Lens for a7R II

    Your camera produces images roughly 8,000 pixels wide by 5300 tall, 42.5 mp. Instagram is roughly 1080 by 1080 pixels, 1/36th the original resolution, so you can crop a photo down quite a bit depending on where it will be used. JCC
  3. JCC

    Street Lens for a7R II

    55/1.8 is very non threatening, and on an Rii even extreme crops are still good enough for social media resolution. 85mm prime might let you compose from a little further away, but its size prevents any stealth. JCC
  4. Craigslist is more likely since its less traceable. Unfortunately the serial number is just a sticker on many Sony lenses, and has fallen off by itself on some of mine. JCC
  5. JCC

    WiFi downloads

    You can download by cable, but I'm worried about wearing out the micro usb socket. I've ruined them on phones over time. Really though, you should pull the card out and read it, because Playmemories doesn't transfer at the highest quality, and doesn't transfer raws. If you aren't shooting in raw you're losing out on most of your image processing capabilities. JCC
  6. JCC

    A7S expected better

    Shooting in raw will help quite a bit. Get your shutter speed as low as you can without getting blur. If you can go to 1/80 you can drop your ISO at least 3 stops. You can kill some of the grain in post easily. JCC
  7. JCC

    A7S expected better

    I shoot in dark clubs with an A7s, and A7Rii. Usually with an 85GM, or the 35mm Zeiss. 99% of the shots in my gallery are with this combo. Can you post an example of what you're getting? JCC
  8. You can do a radial filter in Capture One...Sort of. Make the brush really big, and expand its edge. Now make a new layer and just click one spot where you want the center to be. JCC
  9. I bought the A7Rii on its release, and did have overheating/shutdown issues initially. Shortly thereafter Sony released a firmware solution that has solved this. Make sure your camera is up to date after you receive it. Passing 30 mins is non OEM firmware, and although I haven't heard of any issues with it I haven't done it myself. JCC
  10. JCC

    off camera flash

    Godox/Flashpoint's R2 system. JCC
  11. I've used the Batis 18 on a stabilizer. The barrel of the lens extends beyond the mounting plane of the camera bottom. You will have to use a small spacer under the camera base. JCC
  12. The thing about the STF that isn't obvious is the T stop is about twice what the F stop is, in other words F 2.8 is close to 5.6 in light transmission. You can forget about shooting when its dark with available light. JCC
  13. Do you need that much zoom for landscape shots? Most of the ones I've seen are with very wide angle. JCC