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  1. Couple of weeks ago I shot this photo with Sony A7III + Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 with the help of Godox TT685S: Also wrote a short blog-post about it, in case anyone is interested 👇 https://www.strobotti.com/article/2019-03-06/shot-in-the-dark
  2. Hi there! Took a few photos the other day using my brand new Nissin Di700A with Sony A7II+Batis 85mm. Hope you guys like them Larger version here: https://www.strobotti.com/image/gallery/2016/08/06/DSC06743.jpg Larger: https://www.strobotti.com/image/gallery/2016/08/06/DSC06874.jpg Rest of the photos of the set can be found here (sorry, the text is in Finnish): https://www.strobotti.com/article/jasmin-ja-salamasotaa-ilta-aurinkoa-vastaan
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