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  1. Dondeando

    In Your Soup

    With a6000 and 24 1.8 I'll be honest. I don't like the looks of this thing.
  2. Dondeando


    In Colombia with a6000 and 24 1.8
  3. Dondeando

    Vetements X Falcon | Sony A7ii with FE28mm F2

    I think the top one is appealing. You might have moved her to the left side of the frame for a better composition.
  4. Dondeando

    Oops I Forgot?

    With a6000 and Batis 85 1.8
  5. Dondeando

    Who Are YOU?

    ...he said to Alice as he took the hookah out of his mouth...
  6. Dondeando

    Protesters 4

    Ha ha no you can relax, that's the last one. Feel free to comment on the photos...as...well...photos whenever so inclined.
  7. Dondeando

    Crane Fly

  8. Dondeando

    Street in Cali

  9. Dondeando

    Protesters 4

    A6000 w/Batis 85 1.8
  10. Dondeando

    Grumpy Eagle

    I bet he's grumpy,,,he looks hog tied.
  11. Dondeando

    Using a Telephoto in Place of a Macro Lens

    Very interesting issue for me. I have an a6000 with the 24 1.8 lens. That lens should just do for landscapes but it allows me to focus very close and between it's exceptional sharpness and the 24mp of the camera I can crop to produce very sharp macros.
  12. Dondeando


    She looks deadly.
  13. Dondeando

    Jessica Rabbit

    I don't even have to hear her sing.
  14. Dondeando

    Some portraits with my new A6000

    I would like to see the flare removed from first one but all in all nice portraits. I have an a6000 and love it.
  15. I don't sell my photos I just share them online or occasionally with the scientific community. If I were a photographer making sales I might consider a subscription service but as I'm not I'm not remotely interested.