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  1. I love night shooting, currently on budget/beginner level with alpha5000 and kit lens (16-50 / 3.5-5.6). What other lens would you recommend me for this camera?
  2. zono

    Night Photos

    alpha5000, kit lens, ISO 800-1600, shutter 10s-25s
  3. zono

    First day with a5000

    Took few pics my 1st day with new camera
  4. Hi! Just bought a5000 ystday. I was reading some stuff about camera and its options for long exposure photos and I came across this: https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/238308-dont-buy-the-sony-a50005100-for-astrophotography/?page=2 Last post on page 2, as I understand, says he is using BULB mode via playmemories app. I don't have this option I'm using playmemories app version 5.6.1 and on camera itself version 1.10 (I think they are both latest versions - correct me if I'm wrong). So when I go to M (manual), there should be BULB mode, but via app there is not? Anyway, I would like to hear what option can I use as remote shutter for taking long BULB pics (2 or more mins). Thanks for your help!
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